Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

I don't really know what May Day ism and when I think of it I think of a distress call, but happy May Day! I can't believe it is May already and spring has definitely sprung around here. The trees are all in bloom, the grass is green, and flowers are aplenty. It is amazing how fast it happened, we just needed a few warm days. 

I appreciate all of the feedback from my post on Friday about when to take the gonal-f. The reason I didn't call my clinic is because they are not open on the weekend, and my first shot is tonight. I am planning to do it around 7 and hoping for the best. My hubby is a pro at the little syringes at this point, but that big pen will take some getting used to. I am looking forward to starting tonight and much more hopeful for this cycle. 

My Dad came out yesterday and we worked on some gardening. Since we have an acre lot, we have a lot we could do. We went to the store and as a housewarming present he bought us a ton of bulbs, seeds, a magnolia tree!!, some herbs, fertilizer, etc. He also brought out some plants from his garden including catnip. We were busy, busy working until 8:15 planting last night. I was sad he didn't stay the night, but we got a lot accomplished. We put in a walk way a few weeks ago (an entire weekend project) and we added some plants along there. Here are some pics of our recent landscaping projects:

This was our walkway before. It would get extremely muddy when it rained, so we found stepping stones in another part of the yard and moved them here. See the big tree to the left? Can you say LOTS of roots below the ground. W became a pro in no time with the axe. 
Here is is with the stones and newly planted items alongside. 

We also worked on this flower bed last weekend which already had the daffodils growing in it. It also had a ton of coal which we raked out. 

Yesterday we worked on this flower bed. We put down the plastic and plan to mulch when the bulbs pop up. Growing there will be calla lilies, beebalm in numerous colors, stargazer lilies, iris, peonies in three different colors, and day lilies.
With plastic down and no mulch yet. Not exactly instantly gratifying. 
We also tilled and fenced in an area for our veggie garden. 
Today we planted the Magnolia tree:

I know all of our house improvements aren't extremely exciting, but those are the updates in my life. I have been feeling pretty crappy between my period coming and having a little cold. I usually don't get sick despite work with little kids, but in the last month I have gotten two different minor colds. Last night my throat was killing me and my neck was super sore (still is today). I am hoping it feels better tomorrow. Also, the Metformin is definitely having it's "effect", but nothing too bad. So far it is tolerable. 


  1. Wow... looks like you're doing great things in your garden :) Happy May Day to you too xoxo

  2. I am seriously SO impressed. We are about to attempt our first garden this year, and I have no clue where to start. But you've just given me lots of ideas. It looks great!