Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IUI #2 CD 5 (ultrasound)

I had my appointment this morning. I dragged my sick butt out of bed early and got on the road. Well, about 5 minutes into my drive I got pulled over... boo! He asked for my license and registration as they usually do and a minute later he held up a card and said, "Is this your license?" Apparently I handed him my bank card. That shows how clearly I was thinking. He then asked where I was going and I told him an appointment. He was quick in looking up my info and came back and told me to slow down and let me go without a ticket. I was amazed he didn't give me a ticket because I was going 46 in a 30 MPH zone. I think I assumed it was 40. This was definitely a sign my day was going to improve.

I arrived early and was taken in for blood work. The nurse who did my IUI and answers all of my questions drew my blood. I looked at her and said "wow, you do it all don't you?" I then had an ultrasound and waited for the phone call this afternoon with further info.

The call occurred earlier than normal but the news was fantastic. I have 3 follicles on each side and the lead follies were on the right...yay!!! I had one that measured 9x6 and one at 7x6 on the right side. My estradiol level was 60.1. She said to continue the meds at 75 IU's/night and to come in Friday for another appointment. Things are looking much better for this cycle so far.


  1. Congratulations!!! Wishing you the best!!!

  2. Im glad he didnt book you and hope all goes well!!

  3. Glad you missed out on the ticket!!

    Great news about your follies! Keeping fingers crossed for you!!! xx

  4. Woohoo, that's great news! On the ticket and from the ultrasound! :) Hoping for the best!

  5. So glad you didn't get a ticket..not a great way to start the day, that's for sure!

    YAY for your right side!!

  6. Oh! Praying all will be well (and how great about the non-ticket!). :) Thanks for your comment at my blog a few days ago. I'm glad you liked our magnolia tree! Oh, and we live outside of Buffalo, NY, so we're practically neighbors! :) Wishing you all the best....Debra