Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stella 8 Months

I can't believe my baby is 8 months old already (well, 8 1/2 practically at this point, but oh well).

You are such an excited, adorable, and exuberant little girl. You want to do everything your sisters do and giggle like crazy when they play with you. You're rolling all over the place and scooting backwards so never are in the same place I left you. You LOVE food and will eat anything we offer you. There are nights where I swear you eat more than your sisters. We are doing mainly baby led weaning with some purees. You just love it all! Initially you had a hard time with pureed foods, but you've definitely got it down now. You are still nursing 4-5 times a day and a couple times a night. You cut your first tooth and sleep went seriously down hill. We need to get your daddy on board for some self-soothing before you forget how to sleep without my boob in your mouth. You're still a little peanut at about 13.6 pounds but are wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes now. You have a really close relationship with your sister Lucy and I can tell how much you look up to her already. A lot of your mannerisms are like hers already. You also do the "butt bumping" as we called it for Lucy and flap and flail your arms and hands like a wild woman. I can tell how much you love your sisters company as when you're alone you're so much fussier. You really miss them when you have to go places with just mommy, especially in the car. This month you finally starting babbling some other sounds like "mamama". It's usually only when you're upset or sad, but at least it's not "dadadada" all the time anymore. You love your bath and splash and kick like crazy. This month brought your first ear infection and I'm amazed it took so long with fluid just sitting in your ears. I'm so excited for you to get tubes and to be able to hear well (hopefully). Life is so amazing with you in it! I just love you so much!


As you know, Stella has had fluid in her ears since birth. They call it "eustachian tube dysfunction" meaning the tube that drains your ear has a hard time doing so. Children have a much flatter tube than adults which is why children get ear infections so much more frequently. The ear is better able to drain in adults. When we grow the tube gets more vertical and is better able to drain. 

Clara started physical therapy about a month ago. As part of the evaluation process, they will do a hearing test if they feel it's necessary, or the parents desire it. I've known Clara had some issues with her balance and coordination, but I also noticed her speech was much more difficult to understand than her sisters. As part of the evaluation I requested a referral for a hearing test. 

Clara hadn't had any ear infections until this past winter when she had three very close together. She was on antibiotics and steroids for a few weeks in order to get it to finally go away. Since that time I noticed she had a more difficult time following directions and listening consistently. 

We went last Thursday. Within a few minutes I was told that Clara has fluid in her ears and that we needed another referral to an ENT. With bone conduction testing they were able to determine the nerve is functioning fine and that the mild-moderate hearing loss she's currently presenting with is conductive. 

I'm grateful I'm able to be home with my girls as this was so subtle. There was no huge red flag telling me this was going on. I'm grateful I know my children better than anyone else and can tell when something isn't right and I'm so glad I pushed for the hearing test! 

I'm hoping we can get in to see the ENT soon as I'm hoping we can resolve this issue ASAP. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lucy and Clara at 2 1/2

I wrote this post in the beginning of May but still want to post it. The girls have changed a bit since this post, but I don't want to forget I wrote it.
Mother's Day 2016
I did an update for L & C every month of their life for the first two years. Then I stopped and haven't written anything since. I figured it was time to update on them. They've changed so much since they turned two so it seemed appropriate to do a little update on them.
Swinging on the big swings 
At the zoo


First time bowling 

We all have a baby and carseat

New van

Family hike

A day at the beach with friends

Mama and her girls on mother's day 

Riding on the glider board with hooded towels after swim lessons

Clara- You're such a big personality. You have such a big heart and it shows every day. You're always thinking of your sister and bringing her things and will willingly share with her most times. You would hug Lucy all day long if she let you. Instead, since she often doesn't like too much affection from you, you'll push her buttons trying to touch her, especially in the car. Since you have such a big heart, you hurt big too. You are so emotional and will go from 0-10 quite quickly. You are difficult to understand sometimes and can get very frustrated. I try to work with you on your speech, but it's tough to find the time. I need to do a better job of that. If we slow down and really try to understand you most times we can. The other times Lucy can usually interpret for you. You still always love to have things in your hands. Toys, bags, snacks, accessories, books, you name it and you'll carry it around with you. You still really love your Owlie lovey and your kitty that was once your pacifier. You love baby Stella but can be a little rough with her. You also tend to get jealous when Daddy pays attention to her. You are such a Daddy's girl and always want to sit on his lap. You love watching and helping him in the kitchen and your food identification skills are quite impressive. You love books and will warm up to most people if they read to you. You're still having a hard time with your balance and coordination and recently qualified for early intervention physical therapy. We got a second opinion on your vision since you have Duane syndrome and he said glasses could help. We are waiting to meet with the first Dr to see what he says since he really has the reputation in this area as the pediatric specialist. You still love stuffed animals and especially monkeys. Your favorite color is purple and you love pushing your doll stroller. You're totally potty trained and can dress yourself with a little help. You can still be a little bit of a picky eater and you're a girl who loves her carbs. You've have two ear infections and we will get your hearing tested soon.
Snuggling with Stella before bed

On the big girl swing!

Crazy bag lady

With her Paw Patrol Build a Bear


When your kid chooses bells as their toy to bring along for the day 

Lucy- When I look back on old videos it's almost hard to believe you once imitated and did everything Clara did since you are such a leader now. You definitely are the more take charge and talkative sister now. You want to be in control of yourself and Clara most times and luckily for you she goes with the flow usually. You've officially reached the point where you talk more than you're quiet you have so much to say. Some days I wonder where the off switch is since there's no stopping you. You love to play with your baby dolls, pushing them in the doll stroller and feeding them in their high chairs. You'll carry you baby around, all wrapped up, rocking and shushing it. You love your baby sister Stella and get so excited to see her. She really loves you and looks up to you so much already. You still don't love when Clara touches you, yet you'll laugh as Stella pulls your hair. You love princesses and all things girly, just like your Aunt Kate. You love the color pink and will only wear pink socks. Your hair is finally growing in and you're getting ringlet curls in the back. Your hair is still pretty light brown compared to everyone else's. You love all things active; gymnastics, walking, jumping, outdoor play, and most recently, hiking. You are much more level headed than your sister and really only have tantrums when you're tired or hungry. Most other times you can be reasoned with pretty easily. The only exception is your complaints in the car that your carseat is "too tight!" It drives your mama absolutely crazy! Your speech is pretty easy to understand and you're good about using other words or showing us when we don't understand. You are using sentences that are 10 words long pretty regularly. You're still teeny tiny and only weigh around 21 pounds. You really only fit in leggings for pants and I had to sew a bunch of your pairs of underwear to get them to fit. You're just starting to fit in size 5 toddler shoes. I was so excited I could finally buy you some pink Hunter boots to match mine. You're very kind and thoughtful and are always asking about and thinking about Clara if you're not with her. You know her favorites and how to calm her down when others can't.
Lucy and Stella

Such a peanut on the swing

She hiked the entire time and amazed me

Dinner date with mommy and Lucy 


Passed out with her blue eyed baby