Wednesday, May 4, 2011

IUI #2 CD 6 (sick)

Yup, I have an ear infection. I was resisting going to the doctor all week, but decided this afternoon my ear wasn't going to clear out the fluid on its own. It was a little difficult disclosing all of my current meds to an unknown nurse, and she didn't know what Gonal-F was so I had to explain. She also asked me if I was diabetic due to the Metformin and when I told her I wasn't she asked me why I was taking it. All in all, no biggie. I left with some antibiotics and filled it this afternoon.
I am hoping this will help me feel better since I have been off all week. Hoping the amoxicillin doesn't interfere with the Gonal-F, but my nurse said I was fine to take anything at this point. My main concern is that it runs 10 days and I might be PUPO at that point. Any input?

Yay, more meds!!


  1. i'm sorry you've been sick. :( i hope the antibiotics do the job. when i got sick last cycle, i told the dr about the upcoming IUI and he changed my antibiotic from the 10-day to a 5-day Z pack. feel better soon!

  2. I am sorry to hear this. I am not a doctor, but am a vet and I know amoxicillin is fine in pregnant animals!! Not sure if that helps! lol!!

  3. Yuck that does not sound like fun. Hope you feel lots better very soon!