Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome ICLW

I would like to welcome anyone stopping by for the first time. I have done ICLW a few times now and always enjoy this time of the month (much more than another time of the month.) My name is Liz and I am 27 years old. I am a speech pathologist and work with children aged birth to five. My hubby (W) is 29 and is graduating tomorrow(!!) with his doctorate in physical therapy. We starting TTC last June and were seeing a RE by August due to me requesting a hormone level check at my annual GYN appointment. I was diagnosed right away with PCOS and have gone through two laparoscopic surgeries (Oct and Feb). The second one is where I ended up losing my left tube. I had a miscarriage in Feb at 8 weeks. We haven't been on this train all that long, but the ride has been bumpy. You can read more at our journey to learn more exciting and fun facts about me.  

I am currently 8 DPIUI #2. IUI #1 was with Clomid and ended up being a bust due to dominant follicles on the left side (for me think right is right.) This cycle we tried injectables and although I was slow to respond at first (due to a low dose) we ended up with at least 2 good follicles by the time of the trigger. For this cycle we tried back to back IUI's and I am taking progesterone (good times!) I tried testing out the trigger shot on Wednesday (one week past trigger) and got a faint positive. I haven't tested since and am trying to hold out until at least 10 DPIUI. 
I am hoping this cycle works and have had a few symptoms (perhaps progesterone related or due to over thinking), and my attitude changes from day-to-day and hour-to-hour about whether it worked or not. My boobs are huge (prob progesterone related), I have had some cramping on and off (possibly progesterone related), have felt super moody (who knows maybe that's just me), have been bloated, had some lower back pain, and my face has broken out a little bit (common for me leading up to AF). I had been getting up in the middle of the night to pee but that has subsided (since the trigger is wearing off ) and last night was the first time it didn't happen. Our plan is to likely move on to IVF if this cycle is unsuccessful. 

To better get to know each other here are some questions for you to answer:

What is your most embarrassing moment related to IF? For mine read this post

If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go? I would go back to Jackson Hole, WY to one of the best powder days during one of my ski-bum winters. 

Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? I always shampoo first

What is the number one song played on your ipod? Mine is Long December by Counting Crows


  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous blog award that you gave me recently... I've finally gotten to doing my post to thank you and spread the love especially for ICLWeek :)) Great to share this 2WW with you and FXd for us every step of the way xoxo

  2. What a lot to go through!! I am glad you've finally got a good response to medication! I hope this cycle works out!!!

    In answer to your question...I shampoo, rinse, condition, soap up, rinse, rinse, and then I'm done.

    ICLW #87

  3. My most embarrasing moment.. I think I'd go back to the very beginning when I had my first gyno check up.
    I shampoo first, put some foam between my legs and under my arms, then the conditioner. While it's on my head, I then soap..
    As for the number one songs on my ipod.. I'm dying to have an ipod. Will you get me one for my upcoming birthday? lol

    Wishing you luck on this cycle!

  4. Can't wait to hear your news on how this cycle turns out! The symptoms all sound good! I love reading your story, as it seems that your current course of treatment is exactly what I am looking ahead to. Recently diagnosed, I am also currently trying to wrap my head around what PCOS really means for me, so reading your story is very helpful.

    As for the questions...
    embarrassing IF moment - basically telling coworkers that I couldn't go out for a drink because I had to go home and have sex. I get so tongue tied when I'm not expecting a question!

    back in time - to Thailand where I lived with my Thai family in paradise and, though thousands of miles away, truly fell in love with the hubs

    in the shower I shampoo first, then soap always number one, but my best playlists cycle through Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cutti, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, The Avett Brothers, Lily Allen, Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Jack Johnson, Credence Clearwater Revival, and many of those great dance songs like Walk it Out or Apple Bottom Jeans. I'm all over the place!

    Best of luck! Love being on this journey with you!

  5. Quick piece of advice, I'd highly suggest waiting until at least 12dpo to test. I tested at 10dpIUI and it was SO devastating to see a BFN... When I tested again at 12dpIUI it was a faint positive, and I really really wish I wouldn't have put myself through two days of hell thinking it was a bust. I so hope this is it for you!

  6. What is your most embarrassing moment related to IF? I personally loved sitting back with a wand up my whoo-ha for the first time while the man DR asked my squimish husband about sports. Wasn't ever as wierd after the first time but still makes me giggle to think about...

    If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go? Go back to my childhood and be as excited and happy as only a 5 year old can be...

    Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? Soap, with bar soap, I started boycotting bodywash and haven't looked back. (But nobody is allowed to touch my bar.)

    What is the number one song played on your ipod? I Hear The Bells - Mike Doughty

  7. Looks like we're almost cycle buddies. I'm a day behind you. I hope this IUI works for you.

    I think the number one song played on my ipod is I want you now, by Depeche mode

  8. Wow, that is a lot to go through in a year. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have some similarities on our journey as we started in May last year and I too have PCOS with high testosterone. I hope this IUI does the trick for you and you get your BFP in a few days.

    I shampoo first. I think the number one played song on my ipod is The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

  9. stopping by from iclw..... wishing you a bfp!!
    i am also in my 2ww, 6dp5dt. and i have to say the progestrone is killer. i am trying my hardest to not let it get to me.

  10. Hi and thanks for posting on my blog. I look forward to getting to know you. I don't think I've had an embarrassing moment yet. I shampoo first. I would love to go back to our honeymoon in Mexico. And I'm most happy when a Matchbox20/Rob Thomas song plays on my ipod :) Good luck with this cycle!

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am looking forward to hearing how this cycle ends up, and I'm hoping it's good news!

    What is your most embarrassing moment related to IF? Hm....I have been pretty lucky that nothing has happened yet. However, at a poker game with our friends (mostly guys), someone made a joke to me about ovaries not working and I broke out in tears. :(

    If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go? I would go back and see my great-grandmother, since I don't really remember her. She died when I was 3.

    Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? I always shampoo first, but I usually use soap to shave while I let the shampoo sit in my hair.

    What is the number one song played on your ipod? I haven't used my iPod in so long since I can't update it, but my new favorite song is Stay Here Forever by Jewel.

  12. Hello! Happy ICLW! look forward to reading more of your journey and becoming great blog buddies! :)

    hmmm.. I don't think I've had an embaressing moment yet. I just have lots of tearful moments.. ugh!

    go back in time?... I would love to go back to my wedding planning and hire a BETTER VIDEOGRAPHER/ PHOTOGRAPHER! omg.. the one I chose was horrible and my wedding dvd sucks! sooooo upset! and this was almost 4 years ago.

    I always shampoo first!

    fav song on ipod?-- hmm i have a fascination with Kenny Chesney's "somewhere with you" song right now. I turn it uppppppppp! lol

  13. Sorry you've had such a rough go of it. I hope this cycle is a success. Now, on to your questions...

    What is your most embarrassing moment related to IF? nothing really
    If you had the chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where and when would you go? I would go back to see my grandpa one more time before he died. I was on the other side of the country when he died and couldn't make it back for his funeral.

    Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? I always shampoo first, then conditioner which stays in while I wash off with soap.

    What is the number one song played on your ipod? Nothing particular. I usually just leave it on shuffle...although maybe Meredith Brooks's Bitch

    ICLW #6

  14. Stopping by from ICLW!!

    Fingers crossed that this is your cycle!! How many times did you try clomid before moving to injectables? Did you insist on changing protocols or did the RE recommend it?

    I have a similar situation (only one tube) and the good ovary is lazy and doesn't like to make follicles. And I'm really tired of doing clomid over and over.

    Anyhow, sending you positive thoughts!! Good luck!!

  15. Your blog is the first I've come across that asks US a question. That's kind of nice... Aside from sending good wishes, sometimes it's tough to leave a "good" comment. The questions are a great idea!

    Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap? Shampoo, just like you. :o)

    What is the number one song played on your ipod? Eek... good question. I don't know THE number one, but I have a couple that are surely up there. "Be Here Now" by Ray Lamontagne and "Sweet Disposition" by The Tender Trap. Other faves: Andrew Bird, Beirut, Madeleine Peyroux.

    Lovely to meet you!

    Kim @ The Ladies in Waiting Book Club

  16. Great blog!

    Visiting from ICLW! Progesterone is a nightmare. Seriously, one of the meds I hate the most. I'm currently using Crinone, and just had my PIO injection. So, I feel your pain.

    Wishing you much success with this IUI.

    As for the questions. Hmm.
    1. We live overseas and all of our treatment has been in foreign countries, which has made for some interesting/ embarrassing stories. I'll have to think of a good one to share.

    2. I'll have to follow in your footsteps (ski day), though I'd go to Sun Valley, ID :)

    3. Always shampoo first

    4. I need to update my iPod. It's been too long.

    All the best!

  17. Returning your ICLW visit!

    A Long December is one of my favourite songs, and so poignant as well. I cling to the line 'maybe this year will be better than the last.'

  18. Thanks for catching all of us up! I love the Got Patience? sign. :)