Saturday, May 14, 2011

IUI #2 CD 14 and 15 (back-to-back IUI's)

This month we did 2 IUI's rather than just one. The actual IUI's were Thursday and Friday. I'm not sure how much of a difference doing back to back IUI's makes, but it makes me feel like we really covered our bases. The first day when I picked up the sample from the andrology lab I asked about the count. don't remember the count but do know it had 95% motility. The guy actually said to me "I don't know what you are feeding him, but he is full of sperm." All I could do was laugh in response. 

The second day the nurse talked to me for quite a while after. It was a little awkward to have a conversation without pants on and lying on your back, but I'm sure she is used to it. I was able to ask a lot of questions, none all that important, but it was nice that she took the time. The procedures went fine and I had my ipod so I was able to relax and listen to music after. A nurse and the receptionist wished me good luck when I left yesterday. 

Yesterday I had lots of cramping most of the afternoon. I am amazed by how much EWCM there has been, I have been swimming in it! I will start progesterone tonight and do it 2 x's/day. Like the good 'ole days with my friend Endometrin. 

I am feeling really optimist about this cycle (who isn't at 1 DPO?) Now we are on to the 2WW. I am trying to convince my hubby that we should paint our bedroom, but so far have not been successful. We will see. We have to get our veggie garden planted, but it is raining today. It helps to have things to do and distractions to make the time pass more quickly. Any good ideas? What do you do to keep busy during your 2WW? 


  1. Ooooh! So excited for you with the back to back IUIs! I was thinking about doing that. I think I ovulate later than than think I do, so two IUIs would be great to "cover the bases." :) Wishing you so much luck!

  2. This cycle sounds promising! I am hoping to try IUI sometime this year, so I am sooo interested in learning all I can through your blog. It is very helpful!

  3. We are thinking of doing two IUI's as well. Was your doctor all for it? Ours seems resistant for some reason.

    Good luck with this TWW! I wish there was a way to make it pass quicker..if you find out, let me know ;)

  4. I hope the 2ww goes quickly!
    Fingers crossed for a bfp!

  5. I hope your room is painted now. :) What have you been doing to stay busy? I usually just try to live life as normally as possible without trying to read into every single sign of my body...I just had my 4th IUI on the 16th and I'm not sure how confident to be in it because I messed up when I gave myself my trigger shot (lost track of days at a funeral), then according to my temps I ovulated MUCH later than I thought I should have (like almost a week after the trigger shot) I have no idea what is going on...I pray this works for you and is a sticky little thing!!