Saturday, May 7, 2011

IUI #2 CD 8 (double digits)

I'm updating a day late, but here were the results of my appointment on Friday. I arrived for blood work at 7:45 and was then ushered down to the ultrasound room. The tech actually said to me "you know the drill" rather than giving me any instructions. 

We hit the double digits on Friday in terms on number of ultrasounds to date and follicles. 

The nurse was out sick so I got a call from "the man himself" (my RE). I have to say, I am much happier about the amount of support and guidance I am receiving this cycle compared to last. Also, instead of dreading appointments, I actually am starting to look forward to them. 

Here is what my RE said: 
The good: We have 10 follicles, but many under 1 cm at this point. The largest is at 1.4 and the next closest is .9 x .9. We are continuing to see good consistent growth.

The bad: My estradiol levels are not rising as quickly as would be expected. On tuesday (after 2 days of stims) they were at 60.1. On Friday (after 5 days of stims) they were at 74.2. I have to admit, I am concerned about this. He said that sometimes people are slow initially and then they pick up. I am hoping that is going to be me. I think he said something about my ovaries still "recruiting" more follicles rather than maturing. He did not think it would be a good idea to up the dosage (from 75 IU's) since I would then be a high risk for OHSS and we are trying to avoid that. 

I'm not sure what to think. I was feeling really great and positive until I consulted Dr. Google last night and read the levels really should increase about 50% over 2 days. This is not a good sign. I am hoping this weekend the levels rise and everything looks good on Monday. The good news is that the dominant follicle is definitely on the right side this month and we have a much better shot than last month. I am trying to be hopeful and not worry, but it's not always that easy. 

My RE said we would ideally have 2 follicles between 1.7 and 1.9 and would be able to trigger. I just hope my estradiol levels pick it up a little bit. I don't understand how I can have so many follicles yet such a low E2 number. 

I go back on Monday for repeat blood work and ultrasound. 


  1. My est #'s were a little slow at first but I ended up in the end with 3 mature follies and an est of 787. Ive heard that between 200-250 for each follie is good. Hang in there! Come on estrogen, RISE! :)

  2. Great that you have plenty of follicles and hope your E catches up... FXd for your next appt. Love always xoxo

  3. When I was on Femara, my Estrogen rose really slow too. I had good follies, but the Est. was just not keeping up. It rose eventually and we triggered.
    Our bodies definately don't listen to what we want and that is frustrating. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to just 'work' correctly.
    Good luck!

  4. Best of luck! Grow little, ones, grow!!!