Sunday, May 15, 2011

I missed you

Progesterone that is. Well actually, not at all. I am starting to think I was crazy for requesting progesterone with this IUI, but when I was pregnant my levels were always in the low-average range. When I asked my RE about this he said it could have been because the Lupron suppressed everything. I did not miss the leaky feeling or constant use of panty liners. Oh well though, a pretty minor complaint.
When I woke up yesterday my boobs were super sore. Most likely it was a result of ovulation since it was before I had started the Progesterone. I have had some cramping on and off the past day or so and my stomach has been off. I'm not sure if that is the Progesterone of Metformin. I've also been getting up in the middle on the night to pee. It is amazing how the trigger shot gives you pregnancy symptoms. I'm sure this will subside as the HCG works its way out of my system. 

We planted most of our garden yesterday and put in carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, winter squash, red green and orange bell peppers, jalapenos, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, cilantro, melons, yellow and green string beans, eggplant, 3 varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, red and yellow onions, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and lettuce. We also planted some sunflowers and marigolds. It was a LOT of work, but we are hoping it all pays off and we have some delicious veggies in a few months. We still need to plant our potatoes and peas and will do that as soon as the weather cooperates. I did a lot of squatting to plant rather than kneeling since the ground was so wet, but my hamstrings and inner thighs are KILLING me today. Walking fast or doing stairs has been a little painful.
We went and saw the movie Bridesmaids today and it was really funny. I had some gift certificates to the movies we have been meaning to use and it was nice to have a complete distraction from the 2ww. I will be really busy with work the next few weeks and we have W's graduation on Sunday. Saturday my boss has this event at the museum in Syracuse that is a sensory friendly day at the museum for children who have sensory issues. We are planning to do that Saturday and then have graduation on Sunday. Our party is coming up in a few weeks and we really want to paint our mud room (newly renamed the sun room) that W tiled last weekend. I should post some pics of the updates around the house. The 2ww is always good for house projects, especially with an upcoming graduation/housewarming party!


  1. Oh progesterone. I very much have a love/hate relationship with it. Hate the "mess in my pants" and all the fake pregnancy symptoms, but I kind of liked the increased cup size even if it was painful. Thanks for your post it actually reminded me I hadn't "taken" my progesterone yet tonight.

  2. Ah progesterone. Not fun at all. I decided to take a break from it and see what my body does...but for our injection/IUI cycle coming up, I'll definitely be on the p4 train!

    Wow, so impressed with your planting! We had crappy weather all weekend (rainy/cold/windy) so I didn't get too far. Just planted our tree out front and starting ripping up the grass. Hoping to put the rest in this week. Can't wait to see some pics of yours!

    - your tww buddy :)