Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Digging out

I am feeling much better today. Maybe it was going back to work (I only saw 3 kids, but it felt good to be out of the house and doing something), maybe it's the fact that March started today and it was SUNNY, maybe it was socializing with people other than my hubby (as much as I love him, I need some outside stimulation), maybe it was all the support and love from other bloggers, and maybe it was our trip to Lowe's in order to improve our downstairs half-bathroom. Whatever it is, I'm feeling much better!!

I talked with the Mom of the little boy I see for therapy who knew about our struggles and the miscarriage. She was very positive and had some great advice.

My next appointment with my RE is next Friday, about 10 days away. Is it sad that I am more excited about that than our upcoming vacation? I guess the vacation doesn't seem real at this point, but it will when we are sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas!! I can't wait.

We will be painting our downstairs bathroom, decluttering, adding a new light fixture, and a new toilet paper holder and towel rack. I think this will make a huge difference and I will be sure to post pictures of the before (after taking down some of the stuff) and after. I need to charge my camera battery first. 

I am feeling optimistic about our chances of getting pregnant in my upcoming cycles. It is getting closer to when we will be starting our next round of treatment and time is passing more quickly. I just have to wait until I get another period and then we will start a cycle. I am hoping to talk to my RE about being a little more aggressive than just using Clomid, but we will see. I also have to do a fasting glucose test and am thinking of calling the office and asking for a script ASAP so we can get that show on the road. 


  1. Getting out of the house and socializing was one of the best things for me too. After being in bed for so long, I was getting cabin fever without realizing it. I'm so so happy you're starting to feel more like yourself.

    A home renovation project sounds like a perfect distraction for you right now. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Hi Liz- Thanks for stopping by! I too, am VERY confident that you'll be able to conceive again, with no problems!! You'll be pregnant again before you know it! I'm jealous of your upcoming vacation!

    We still haven't decided how many embryos we are going to transfer....when I said "one of our embryos to stick," I mainly meant one of the seven we have in the freezer! I probably won't decide until right at our FET.

    I will start estrogen patches once my next cycle starts (which should be in about a week and a half.) I think I'll be starting lupron at that time too....I don't do birth control pills, so there are no dates set yet. We are going off of my natural cycle, like we did with the fresh ivf cycle in January.

    We don't have MF fertility....DH swimmers are perfect. Just the PCOS!

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer about clomid,letrozole or IUI...I've been through it all!