Thursday, March 31, 2011


I started spotting this afternoon and I am now bleeding. I was debating whether this was noteworthy enough to call the nurse at my office, and I finally decided it was at 4:05. The whole calling someone to tell them you got your period (other than your hubby) still strikes me as strange. Well, the nurse retrieves her last message at 4 and I have one pill of Provera left.

I debated and debated and decided I won't take it tonight. The whole reason I was taking it was to get my period, and if it comes, why continue to take it....... Right?

I guess this whole process should teach me to expect the unexpected. Just when I started to mark up my calendar...


  1. Yes, you are right... if AF showed up you don't have to take the provera anymore!

    Yay for getting things started! =)

  2. My doc said to stop the provera if AF arrived. You're all good!

  3. i'm sorry you wound up having to take the provera, but i'm glad AF showed up. good luck!

  4. Makes sense to me to stop the provera. It's already done it's job.

    Now lets get this cycle started!