Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clomid Dust

I am beginning to think I see my RE too often. When I enter the city Syracuse in my GPS, it automatically knows where I am going (I use the GPS to get an ETA). Speaking of ETA's when I use my GPS, I get such a sense of accomplishment when I am able to take time off from the projected time. It leads to more speeding, but makes me feel like I accomplished something while driving. I am so sick of rushing my Friday's to get to appointments on time. I don't want to cancel therapy since each session = more money, but it's starting to get to me. I am looking forward to not going there any more (someday). 

My RE had some fantastic quotes from this meeting:
1. "Your chart is starting to take on a life of it's own."
2. "I'm starting to think all I have to do is sprinkle Clomid dust in the room and you will get pregnant."

Well I wish getting pregnant was that easy! Really the appointment was just to talk about the plan for Clomid and IUI and my RE wrote a script for Provera and Clomid. When I took the script to the pharmacy they got a sketchy and then told me you can't write more than one prescription per page. He wrote both on the one page. Not sure if this was a mistake or something that is legal in other states (he moved from Atlanta this past summer). I am constantly amazed by how fantastic my insurance is. The meds were $13.00. 

We will not be adding a gonadotropin this cycle since my RE wants to see how I respond to Clomid. Now, each night I take 500 mg Metformin, a prenatal horse pill, 5000 IU's of Vitamin D, and Provera (tiny little sucker!). My RE did do a pregnancy test and it was negativo. Here's hoping last month was my left ovary's time to shine (if I even ovulated) and this upcoming cycle will get righty psyched to kick some follicle-growing ass. Reminder-no left tube. 

I did get to see my friend the dildo cam (#8) and ultrasound tech. Everything looked fine (according to her) and my file got a little thicker with those images. Does anyone else ever wonder where to put their hands while in those stirrups with a wand inside of them? Gets me every time. 


  1. C'mon rightie!!

    Your last line made me laugh. At my u/s yesterday I was just on a flat bed (no stirrups) and the tech was on my right hand side. I ended up laying with my left leg bent at the knee with my knee up towards the ceiling and my right like bent at the knee and completely laying on the bed...while the ultrasound tech rested her arm on my right leg and moved wandie around inside me to measure the follies. WAY weird. I guess that's what you get when you're at a hospital instead of a RE clinic for the follie check. Weird.

  2. I'm here from ICLW. GOod luck with this cycle and the Clomid. I have to say after everything I've taken after 5 IVFs, Clomid gave me the most side effects. But, at least it's just a pill. Good luck with everything.

  3. I think I might start bringing a snack for wandy days :) There's something to do with your hands. Shoving cheetos or a granola bar into your mouth haha Hey-do you go to CNY there?

  4. I get a little sick of the RE's as well. I am there too much and I am sure with every cycle it will increase.

    I agree that maybe bringing a snack would be funny. You could just excuse yourself and eat some chips while they work that wand!


  5. LOL, I usually hold onto whatever necklace I'm wearing..and it's funny because I only realized that now, since you brought it up. The other hand I put on my stomach I think..

    Hoping clomid does wonders on rightie!!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I take 2,000mg/day (1,000mg twice daily). I'm not sure whether I have insulin resistance or not. My fasting blood sugar has always (well, in the last few years when it's been tested) hovered around 100, which is borderline. The Metformin hasn't really helped me lose weight, but it has helped to regulate my periods a bit!

  7. The wackier your chart the better! Mine was early for 3 months then the latest ovulation, even on Clomid, (17 days!!!) was our lucky number. Good luck!

  8. Towards the end of each cycle, I remember getting so tired of getting up early to get to the RE, it is exhausting. That is AWESOME about your insurance coverage being so great at covering your meds too. Clomid gave me the most side effects as well, hang in there. Oh and as far as where to put your hands...I would bring my cell phone and play games or surf the internet and try to ignore dildo cam...
    Good luck!!

  9. Hey Liz,
    For me, Clomid made me feel really edgy. Like amplified PMS. I also had regular hot flashes.
    I hope you sail right on through with no side effects.
    Good luck!

  10. I will end up being the first person who needs the heimlich maneuver while getting an ultrasound : )

  11. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog! I Hope that you are doing well and that this "Clomid dust" theory plays out brilliantly! I took Clomid for two cycles and didn't notice any side effects, other than ovulating multiple eggs! I hope that it is as easy for you. Will you be doing the monitoring and trigger with the Dr too? It cost a little more, but was reassuring to see that everything was working as it is supposed to. Lots more trips to the Dr and visits with Mr Wandy, but totally worth it in my opinion.

    Much luck to you!