Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My hormones are a ragin'

I've only started  taking hormones for this cycle on Friday, but damn Provera, you suck! I hadn't really been feeling much for the first few days, but today it hit me. 

My face looks like a teenager's (well the pimples aren't that noticable, but they are definitely a nice framing feature to my face right now). 

I wanted to bite my husband's head off and then decided to cry instead. 
My head was throbbing all afternoon and continues. I have been feeling very tired in the afternoon and relying on coffee to get me through. I am thinking about cutting out the afternoon coffee and did well today. Now that I say that, thats probably why I got the headache!

Wow, this is going to be a fun couple of weeks! Only two more nights of Provera and then hopefully AF will come shortly after that. I am starting to dread the side effects of Clomid since that is the overwhelming opinion. Wish me luck.


  1. Love your graphics :) The " You suck, Blow me" one is hilarious. Sorry you a ragin'!!!! Just repeat to yourself over and over, " It will all be worth it." :) Wishing you luck!

  2. happy to hear you'll be done with the provera soon. It made me break out too. Not fun!

    That first pic is hilarious :)

  3. Hey! So in response to your comment. I totally know Averill Park...I went to columbia hs in East Greenbush! And my husband and I just moved back to EG :) Small world. I go to CNY in Latham. I was curious if you went to CNY out there because I know they have a syracuse office. We should meet up sometime when you are back for a visit. As for Clomid, it made me a total biotch and I had hotflashes like a menopausal woman. I mean, body on freakin fire, hotflashes :) Wasnt fun. BUT everyone reacts differently. A good friend of mine just started clomid and she didnt have ANY side effects :)