Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stork at Work

Wait, you work with preschool aged children and younger, right? So, you talk to/with children all day long and the topic of infertility came up?

It is true I work with children aged 5 and younger, but lately I have been working on ST blends in the beginnings of words with an articulation client (example words include STop, STay, etc. you get the point). I use a book that has lists of words that start with every letter so I don't have to come up with all of the words.

Well, the word stork is listed with the ST words. I haven't used it as a target word for this child, but it always catches my eye. I use a pictoral computer program called Boardmaker to make worksheets for the kids. You have to know the word you are looking for and it will match it to a picture. When I bought the program it gave me the option to download/import the sexual symbols as well. Not that I would have a use for them (until now), but I thought, what the hell.

So tonight I had some fun and found all of the fertility related words I could think of and put them together. I love the program for simple words found in a child's environment, but this was pretty funny!

Can you think of any others? I definitely have my personal favorites, but which ones did you get a laugh out of?

Oh yeah, it also gives you the ability to make your own pictures. So here goes:


  1. Wow, those images are great!! And they are supposed to be for children?!?!

  2. LOL, I think oral sex and STD's are my favorite. These are hilarious!

  3. This are freakin hilarious! :) The ejaculation one...hahahhaha...I just want look away but I cant lol So funny...

  4. Love these-sooooo funny!! Thanks for the laugh!! Is there a BFP and BFN one???

  5. coming over for ICLW and i think you and i must be kindred spirits, between of IF experience and work in EI! i do service coordination in IL, and i sort of love the PECS pics that you shared. fabulous.