Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An answer to my burning question

I got pregnant in January (and miscarried in February). My RE was convinced I ovulated a result of the Lupron I was put on in preparation for an IVF cycle, but the dates never matched (on Feb 4th the embryo measured about 6 weeks). This was something that bothered me because I've been told I don't ovulate on my own.

I have been told by others that doesn't matter how I got pregnant, just that it happened at all. Unfortunately I don't agree. I am the type of person who seeks out answers and wants to completely understand everything I can. I want to know whether my body is functioning properly or not.

Today my RE returned my call and I finally got the opportunity to bring this up. He looked at a pregnancy calendar and determined that from the 6 week ultrasound on Feb 4th, I would have conceived on Jan 7th. I started Lupron on January 5th.

He then went on to say that Lupron may have caused a surge in LH and caused the release of a mature egg. Did you catch that?? Mature egg...

He said that Dec/Jan was probably was an ovulatory cycle for me because there was an egg to release. Lupron didn't help me to grow an egg in two days, it just helped trigger a surge of LH.

I am happy to get some closure on this issue and know that I was growing a follicle that month and that the Lupron didn't cause me to ovulate, it may have just helped. I could have ovulated on my own that month had I not taken the Lupron.

I mentioned that I may have ovulated this month but am not completely sure. He said the OPK's are pretty black and white, but I don't see them that way! He agreed to test my Progesterone this month to see whether I not I ovulated.  He doesn't want to prescribe Provera if there is a chance I did ovulate and could be pregnant (I highly doubt it, but I guess you never know). He said from an academic standpoint, he is always interested in hormone levels as long as I am willing to get stuck with a needle (sign me up, I've done it enough by now). Remember, I'm the one who elected for surgery?

 He also told me I am "not a textbook case"... great. Last time I was there he made a comment about how thick my file at the clinic was... fantastic. Do I get some kind of award for that?

My RE also gave me the news that I am not insulin resistant. My results from the fasting insulin and glucose finally came back and the ratio looked good. It is good news, but doesn't help explain why I have PCOS.

My HCG levels were negative from this past Monday. I have an appointment scheduled with him for Friday at 2:00 where we will discuss my upcoming Clomid/IUI cycle. He briefly mentioned something about gonadotropins in addition to the Clomid, but says he hasn't decided yet. We will see...


  1. that makes much more sense. it's great to get answers! my dr. doesn't know why i have PCOS, either, because, like you, i'm not insulin resistant. oh, and in answer to your question, the IUI is friday at 11:45. can't wait!!!

  2. I'm glad you got some answers :) I have an appt april 1st with my RE to sit down and talk. I need some more diagnosing to start happening instead of them just pumping me full of drugs! I feel like all the blogs I read, the dr's are doing this test and that...and that never happens with me! Where outside of Albany did you grow up? Getting together for coffee would be great! Theres another blog girl that lives near here and she and I are going to get together soon. It would be great to have you along sometime as well :)

  3. I hope you feel wonderful about ovulating on your own! The first time I did that, I practically gave my ovaries a medal. I wanted to hug them. Sounds like you're getting some answers, too, which is great!

    Wayne Mahar - LOL! The man is superhuman. He was on air when I was 3, I swear, and he's still going strong!

    I grew up in Auburn, right down the street from Skaneateles. I'm sure you've been to the Sherwood; such a great place in the summer!

  4. How cool that you had a mature egg in there all on your own!! That bodes well for the future. :)

    We seem to be a lot alike - I passed the glucose test as well, but my RE still said that thanks to my irregular cycles and numerous follicles on my ovaries, that he'd consider me to be a "lean PCOSer."

    I'm currently on clomid + gonadotropins (menopur) for my first IUI cycle. I'm curious to see what your RE recommends for you!

  5. Wonderful to meet you! I'll be following as well. I'm so sorry about your loss. I am glad that you have some answers. I'm the same way... I would prefer to know exactly what is going on and what we have to work with.

    In regards to supplements, I am taking 8 each day plus medication for hypothyroidism. I take Expecta for DHA, Stuart's prenatal, B12, Royal Jelly, Baby Aspirin, L-Arginine, Chromium Picolinate, and of course Endomitrin.

    Wishing you the best!

  6. Is there anyone who is "textbook" when it comes to infertility!?!? (I've been told that I'm not a textbook case either and have a file the thickness of a textbook to show it...) Sorry to hear about your m/c; glad you finally got some answers though.
    Visiting from ICLW

  7. I'm so sorry to read about your loss ... but glad that you were able to get some answers that offer you hope for the future. Reading your previous posts, I think the Vitamin D is a good thing ... I was tested for Vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency, other thyroid hormone deficiencies ... and I think that all helped.