Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Improvements

I has been nice to make some improvements/upgrades to our house. I know a big part of this is me being able to have control over something positive in my life with a little hard work and money (unlike my fertility), but who cares, things are looking good!

These are photos of the bathroom before:

Notice the beautiful frog border?

Now here are pictures of after:

We also got a new light for the foyer and an antique framed  stained glass that we hung in our window of the stairs.
Foyer before:
 Foyer After:

Here is the stained glass:


  1. liz, it looks so good!!! love it!

  2. Wow, your stairs are gorgeous! LOVE the window in the bathroom too. Great finishing touches all around ;)

  3. NICE! I love redecorating/remodeling. Puts a whole new spin on how you feel in your home. Good job!


  4. I freakin' love your stairs! And I LOVE the way the light and window look. Well done!

  5. New reader of about three weeks. The remodel is beautiful. Good luck!