Monday, March 21, 2011

ICLW numero dos

In sticking with my Dominican Republic Spanish skills, I am impressing you all with the title of this entry. My spanish skills are quite limited (cerveza, bano, and simple things I learned in high school Spanish). I laughed when my hubby got off the plane in Syracuse and said "Adios" to the pilot.

This is my second time doing ICLW and I had a great experience last time. I am hoping to find some new blogs and snag some new followers.

To catch everyone up, my name is Liz and I am married to a great guy, W. We live outside Syracuse, NY and bought our first house in October. If you are interested in our TTC history, check it out: History

 Currently I am waiting for me AF to arrive, although I don't think she is anywhere nearby. I usually have about 35-40 day cycles (thanks PCOS) and am only at day 25 today. I will call my RE on Thursday to report whether or not it has arrived, but I highly doubt it. If not, he is planning to give me Provera. Our plan for this next cycle is to do Clomid and back to back IUI's. The problem is, the main nurse had back surgery and has been out of the office. It is a bit of a disaster trying to get any answers or problems solved at this point. They are hoping she will be back next week and so am I.

Here's where I need your help: I may have ovulated this cycle on my own, but I'm not completely sure. See post Vacation and take a look at my OPK and please share your opinion on whether you think it looks positive. I don't really think it is (since the test line is so thin), but I would love some more feedback.

The next few months are exciting for us since my hubby will FINALLY graduate with his DPT (Doctorate in Physical Therapy) in May and we will have 2 INCOMES!!! Needless to say, I cannot wait!! We plan to celebrate by hosting a graduation/housewarming party in June and then I will ship his butt off to work (jk). The great part about our fields (I am a speech-language pathologist who works in early intervention) is that employment is easy to find. I am hoping for some pregnancy success in the next few months as well, so wish me luck! I am looking forward to getting to know some new people this month and finding some new blogs. Happy ICLW!


  1. i'm already a big fan of your blog ;), but this is my first ICLW, so i thought i'd comment anyway. :) i hope AF shows up and you don't have to do the provera, although, i surprisingly had a really good experience with the provera this cycle. anyway, good luck!!!

  2. Stopping over from ICLW from #63 & #153. Hope AF comes soon. Its so irritating when the RE's office is a disaster too! Sorry that I can't help you with your OPKs. I could never read those suckers :-) Congrats to your hubby on his DPT! That's a great accomplishment. Best wishes on your next steps.

  3. Thanks for finding me! So glad to see your blog, as well. I started following you. We do have a lot in common! My husband and I are both in healthcare as well. I'm an OB nurse and he is currently a medical resident. Look forward to learning more. Good luck!

    ICLW #44

  4. Hello and Happy ICLW! Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed you live in Upstate NY; that's where I'm from. So beautiful, but so cold in the winters! Hope spring comes soon!!

  5. Nice to meet you :) I live in Albany (well, suburb right outside of Albany). I always love meeting people on here who are nearby. Sorry to hear of your recent MC :(

  6. I am no longer in Upstate. :( I grew up outside Syracuse and my parents are still there. I'm further south where the weather is better. it was 70 here today. However, I do keep up on the weather through my parents.

    Lemme guess...snow tomorrow??

  7. Happy ICLW! Looks like a positive OPK to me. Good Luck!!

    -Lavonne @ *Our Wish*