Monday, January 31, 2011

It's been one week

Ok, it been more than one week, but I woke up last Friday with the Barenaked Ladies song "One Week" stuck in my head. It had been one week since we found it. I have been singing in periodically since. Here, get it stuck in your head too: One Week

Not too much to report these days, just waiting anxiously till Friday when we have our ultrasound. I am hoping for the best and my mood about it changes from day to day. Some days I feel great and have no reason to believe anything bad will happen. Other days (like today) I wake up with a terrible sinking feeling for absolutely no reason. I had a bad dream last night and was up for at least an hour unable to fall back asleep. I think this was part of my bad feelings about it all this morning. I guess also reading infertility blogs and forums makes you realize that miscarriages are all too common. I tell myself some days I need to stop reading and just relax.

I have been a little stressed about work since I am incredibly busy and exhausted as a result. I am making great money which really helps build up our savings. We are hoping to take a vacation this spring when my hubby gets a week off. I can't wait since we haven't taken a real vacation since last May in Aruba. I guess that isn't all that long, but it sure feels like it. I only took 2 days off for Christmas and am feeling like I really need a break.

Last weekend we got together with our friends who have the 6-month old baby. She is absolutely adorable and we had a great time. We witnessed a "polar bear plunge" into the finger lake Skaneateles (pronounced skinny-atlas.) It was quite the spectacle. The said the windchill was 5 degrees, yet people were jumping into the lake in their thongs. It was all for charity, but I can't see being that crazy.
I know it doesn't look sunny, but I am addicted to my sunglasses and wear them whenever there is the slightest bit of light. 

We had lunch and headed back to our place to hang with our friends and the baby. It is crazy to hear them talk about how 5 minutes of time to themselves is amazing. They had hired a babysitter a few nights before and gone on their first date since having the baby and were super excited about getting out and just being a couple again. They said the babysitter was $40 plus the cost of the date. Makes it seem much more special I guess. I know we have to enjoy our weekends of watching movies, relaxing, and being spontaneous. It is hard to appreciate it when you have it all the time.

It is so difficult not telling people our news, but I know it is for the best and we need to know everything is going well before telling people. We are planning to tell after our first trimester and should get a better idea of how far along I am on Friday. The hardest is when people ask "What's new?"

On other news I am definitely ready for a new bra since I take mine off now and have marks from it indenting into me. I am getting a little tired of the progesterone and leakage, but know it is for the best. We are thinking about investing in a larger mattress since we currently only have a full sized one. We bought it a few years ago when we had a tiny bedroom. Had we gotten anything bigger, we wouldn't have been able to get to both of our closets. We looked at some mattresses and bed frames this weekend and found some great deals so we will probably get one some time soon. I feel like things aren't too interesting these days so I apologize if I just bored you with my mattress talk. I am still hearing One Week in my head, how about you?


  1. How are you living with a full? Id never sleep. A queen is bad enough. Lol I always wear my sun glasses to. If no sun then as a head band. Those people are crazy jumping in that water just fyi.

    Can't wait till Friday for you. Crossing my fingers. I pray every night for you and the other girls on here!

  2. I've totally missed the exciting news! I was thinking about you today and decided to go check up on you...and low and behold....PREGNANT! No wonder there was no AF visit on the lupron....holy smokes! I bet you were shocked!! Congratulations!!!