Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still no visit... but an update

Still no visit from AF yet, but I talked with the IVF nurse today and got some answers. She said that she and the RE had been talking about me on Friday and he said it was possible I may NOT get my period at all on the Lupron due to my polycystic ovaries. I'm not sure why this is, but that is what she said. 

I have an appointment scheduled for Friday at 7:45 at which time they will do blood work and possibly a ultrasound (the nurse wasn't sure.) She said as long as everything goes well, we will start stims that day. I am so glad I called and found out my period may not ever come, I feel so much less frustrated and depressed about the situation. 

I asked why we couldn't start sooner and she said that the clinic doesn't typically do retrievals on the weekend since they need a RN, an anesthesiologist, the embryologist, and some other staff members (including of course my RE.) She said they typically do retrievals about 12 days after starting stims, so that would put it on a Tuesday or Wednesday (Feb 1st or 2nd.) I then asked if they do monitoring on weekends and she said they do but it is just difficult to get all the staff members together on a weekend to do the retrieval. My clinic does not have their own anesthesiologists and they contract through the local hospital. I guess it is most difficult to get the anesthesiologist on weekends, but do-able if absolutely necessary.  

I have been continuing to have very violent dreams on the Lupron. I dreamt last night that it was Christmas and I became really frustrated with my hubby for not wanting to open all of his presents with his family. Since his sister wasn't there he wanted to save half of them and open them when she was there. I was so frustrated that we couldn't just do Christmas in one day. When we got home we started fighting and he said something about me telling his mother I didn't like a gift she got me. I became so mad I went after him and started to slam his head against the fridge. I was like, holy crap, I guess I am SUPER violent in my dreams. We hardly ever even fight, let alone get physical when we are mad so it was pretty intense. Today I was super tired and feel asleep waiting for my hubby to get home. I have been getting at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep each night but am so tired lately. I also had a pretty crappy headache all day today. 

I am hoping my sister will be coming out this weekend with her fiance. She said they would come on Sat afternoon/evening to stay the night and see our new house. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, so it will be nice if she actually comes. I think my hubby is really doubting it, but I am hopeful. I am glad I have Friday (starting stims hopefully) and the weekend (my sister coming) to look forward to. In other news, I have a friend from high school who is in town who now lives in Seattle. We are hoping to have her and her BF over for dinner some night this week. It is so nice to have a nice house to be able to entertain in. We lived for 3 years in a "cabin" in the woods behind my parent's house. We fixed the place up and lived there rent-free. I was about 600 square feet a a bit rustic. It worked well in that it allowed me to get through grad school without extra loans and allowed us to save the money for a down payment on our house and have enough money left over for IVF. I can't complain. Here is a picture of our cabin. 
We did paint it at one point, but I guess I don't have a pic of that. 

And now a pic of our new house (front view)
Back View
You could say the new house is a bit more spacious!

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  1. Love the new house (but also like the cabin too!) I was thinking about you and wanted to check in with you. I'm glad you called your RE to see what to do. I did read that it is possible for AF not to arrive while you are on lupron. They almost started me on stims w/out AF, but she came at the last minute. It was VERY light. I too have polycystic ovaries...no fun at all! We'll get there...both of us...hang in there! Have fun with your visitors!