Monday, January 17, 2011

Alright already!

So I have finally gone insane. I am on day 13 of Lupron and still no signs of AF. I woke up this morning incredibly disappointed (my period tends to come at night when I am sleeping.) I actually started crying when I told my hubby, and then thought for sure that because I was crying first thing in the morning that it would come today.

I tried to call the RE's office this afternoon when she still hadn't appeared, but they were closed for MLK day. I am sure I will be calling tomorrow, because I am starting to wonder whether she is EVER going to show up!! I am beyond frustrated and feeling a bit depressed. The nurse told me about 10 days after starting she would come and we are now 3 days past that. I tend to do well with bad news or things not going well when I am prepped in advance. My worst case scenario was that it was going to come this weekend, but NOPE. I guess the plus is that if it had come over the weekend I would have tried to call the RE's office and stressed that they weren't open. I was doing really well handing my stress up to this point where I am starting to feel REALLY stressed out! I am starting to fear I have a new cyst, I will run out of Lupron during this cycle, or my cycle is going to get cancelled. Those meds in the fridge are just staring at me!

I've tried everything else, so maybe just posting this and complaining will convince AF to show up! A lot of people say once they called their RE's office and made an appointment to get things checked out, it came. I have been feeling like it has been coming for about a week or so, especially since my boobs are SO SORE!! I can barely walk down the stairs without being in pain (I know this is also a side effect of Lupron.)


  1. thanks so much for commenting on my blog! i really hope AF shows up soon so you can get on to the next step. good luck!

  2. You know I was in your exact same shoes a few days ago. You saw my post, you know I was beside myself, you know I was about ready to lose it....I KNOW how you feel! AF was 3-4 days late for me and only lasted about a day and a half, they call it a "lupron period" because it usually comes late and is super light. Keep trying to call your RE to see what you should do. It is possible to start your stims w/out a period Hang in there!!!