Saturday, March 10, 2012

Money, Money, Money

So we haven't filed our taxes yet. We seem to slack on it and then hustle to get it done last minute. This year's hold-up has been my lack of getting our medical expenses together. So, tonight I sat down and finally finished it while W was working on dinner (fun Saturday night, I know!) 

And the total for 2011? Drumroll please..........12,827.19. This is with great insurance and co-pays. The major expenses were IVF (not covered by insurance) with 3.5 rounds paid for, W's sperm wash with the IUI's (1000) since his insurance is different and didn't cover it, and drugs. I recently got the bill for the other half of the unpaid IVF from our first failed cycle, so that is a fun expense we have to look forward to. Nothing like paying for something that didn't work 6 months later! I have been doing a better job of saving receipts for this year all in one place and the envelope is bursting already. It's only March. 
I know this isn't that much money compared to what others spend. But imagine what we could have done if we hadn't spent it on fertility treatments? Judging by my bank statements I probably would have spent it at Marshalls, Dunkin Donuts, or Wegmans.

Estrogen sucks. I'm irritable and my sense of smell is out of control. Everyone's breath smells horrible. W is being a trooper with me, but I feel badly for being so moody. We had a super busy and productive day today. I got a new bathing suit for vacation and my back wiper on my car finally fixed. Trying on bathing suits after stuffing yourself with thai food for lunch is not recommended. Oh yeah, we also got tickets to go see Aziz Ansari in April. I'm pretty excited for it. 


  1. Preparing tax returns are a nightmare... and so much worse when ART is involved !!! Know how you feel having to spend all that money with nothing to show for it :( Hopefully this year will be our year for a 'good return on our investment' :)) FXd for you xoxo

  2. We just got a 5,000 bill from our 1st failed ivf back in october. Ugh! I feel you. I just want to put that behind us and save for our next one!

  3. And i always winder how much more money we would have saved in the bank if we werent infertile too! Hope you get a good tax break for all your medical expenses!

  4. Ouch! Ouch especially to the part about paying for a failed cycle six months later...that just seems cruel and unusual!

    I had to laugh about your Wegmans/DD/Marshalls comment because that is so me....except I would be more like: Wegmans/DD/Target. I spend wayyyy too much money at Target-on stuff I never knew I "needed"...