Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keepin' On

Things are going pretty well. I had my appointment yesterday and my estradiol is up to 1096. It did a little more than double since my last appointment. The NP said my ovaries were starting to pop and my lining was responding to the estrogen and thickening some. I didn't really have any additional measurable follicles so it's looks like about 10 at this point. A few are charging ahead and are at 13 and the rest are around 8 or 10. I really hope a few more pick it up before retrieval. It's not that 10 is a bad number, is just hard to not want to be an overachiever after the 28 last time. I'm struggling with trying not to compare cycles and numbers when I have access to them all. I'll be honest, I was feeling a bit down yesterday. It's hard going through this process over and over again. I know I need to try to let go and have the attitude, "que sera sera/what will be will be", but I guess I'm struggling with that a bit. Looks like retrieval will be next Monday or Wednesday but I should have a better idea tomorrow.

Yesterday in blogger-land I had 3 BFP's in my news feed. I am beyond happy for these women but I can't help but wonder when/if I will get my turn. I hope it's in a few weeks.

I went to yoga for fertility on Tuesday night and checked out the new facilities in the expanded healing arts center that is attached to my clinic. It was amazing! The yoga studio was huge and there's a new "aqua terrace" which has a hot tub that can fit 26 people. The funniest part? Everyone joked about how it looks like it is shaped like a uterus. 
After the yoga whoever wants to can meet up and chat. I stuck around as did about 5 others. We sat with our feet in the hot tub and talked about various things. We talked about various things, our sitauations and stories, etc. That was the overall conversation but I did have a bit of 1:1 time with another woman who is about to start her 4th IVF. She got pregnant in the fall and lost her triplets at 19 weeks. She seemed so strong and positive about it all. She inspires me to be more positive.


  1. Wow, I wish there was a centre like that near me. I would love to do fertility specific yoga and dangle my feet in a uterus shaped pool while chatting to people who I can relate too. I am very envious.

  2. I know 10 seems disappointing compared to 28, but it's really not a bad number! It's so hard not to compare cycle to cycle, and it amazes me how different each one can be.

    Your clinic seems amazing! I too wish mine had a uterus shaped hot tub! Mine does offer fertility specific yoga occasionally, but that's about it.

  3. Okay, that pool is absolutely awesome. It is super hard not to compare cycle to cycle, but my clinic always reminds me that it's quality not quantity. Good luck to you!

    Oh, man, now all I want to do is lounge in a hot tub.

  4. Wow... that pool looks/sounds great - definitely like a uterus (hopefully a good omen for you). FXd and hoping that this is a great cycle for you and that your BFP is around the next corner xoxo

  5. I have been lucky enough to have a couple people come into my life lately who have made me realize that I need to be more positive as well. Good luck!