Monday, April 30, 2012

Expired Exschmired and a Winner

I had my first monitoring appointment today. W came along so that was nice. The table I was on for the ultrasound decided not to work and raise up so I felt like I was lying on the floor for the exam. It was hard to read the screen but it's nice that my clinic has an online database where I can find all of the info. 

I had gotten a message back from the NP as I was pulling into the clinic this morning that the expired Gonal-F was likely no big deal and that the expirations are just a guideline. Can you imagine how much money we all waste by strictly following those guidelines? It blows my mind! 

My estradiol level came back today at 469 which is in between what I had for IVF #1 (11 eggs retrieved) and IVF #2 (28 eggs retrieved). That's what I was hoping for. What I didn't expect is that I have more follicles this time at this point than I did last time.  I had 4 on the left side (2 x 7 mm, 2 x 9 mm) and 6 on the right side (3 x 7 mm, 2 x 8 mm, and 1 x 9 mm). I am happy with these results. I'm always a little slow to get started, but it's good to know I am chugging along. 

So for my giveaway I picked a winner last night with a random number generator. I assigned every comment a number based on what order it came in and the winner was #4 Josey from My Cheap Version of Therapy. Email me and let me know which cover you would like! 

Also, JM from Meier Madness got the crap-tastic news today that FET #2 didn't work. My heart breaks for her so I hope you can all find some time to stop by and try to brighten her day a bit if you haven't already. 

I think work this week is going to go by much more quickly than last. 

I had a new experience at work today. One of the children I see was removed from his house by Child Protective Services a few weeks ago. The service coordinator and case worker asked me if I would be willing to see the child for therapy during his supervised visit with his parents one time a week and the other time at the foster care family's house. I was really nervous about being the person in the middle and seeing the family again since it all happened. Amazingly, it went really well. They were happy to see their little boy and they know I have his best interests at heart. I got to show them some of the progress he has made and how we have been working on it. I left feeling much better than how I felt going in. 

I also helped wrestle a little boy with autism back into his pants after he refused to get them back on at a daycare today. The special education teacher and mom decided it was time to start potty training him. He had an accident and I walked into the room to find him rockin' out in some undies and one sock. They asked me to help get his pants back on and we were successful after a little bit. I'm afraid it's going to be traumatic based on what I witnessed today.

Never a dull moment in my job, right? 


  1. I cannot IMAGINE your job. Wow. I'm glad someone likes to do it. :)

    I won! I won! I love both covers, honestly. Were you keeping the other for yourself? You could send me either and I'd be happy. it was kind of a blessing you used the old Gonal-F and hopefully saved yourself some money eh? Glad everything is working out great anyway. SOunds like slow and steady wins the race to me. :)

  2. Great news that the injection expiry date isn't an issue... my heart was in my mouth for you when I read your last post first. There certainly always interesting times in our IVF journeys ! Great that your scan went well and that you're chugging along towards your retrieval. Sounds like you do challenging and amazing work... you're an inspirational woman xoxo

  3. Using the old Gonal F stressed me out too so I never used it. Good to know that it's ok. Glad you are liking the results of this cycle thus far. And it seems work is keeping you on your toes. :)

    I hope this is your cycle. I gave you an award on my blog, so hopefully you can check it out.

  4. I never got to thank you for this before I left for vaca... you are so sweet to think of me in the middle of all your stuff! Glad retrieval went went, and really really hope transfer went smoothly today!