Monday, May 7, 2012

The DJ Better Put On a Slow Song

I had another appointment this afternoon for intralipid therapy, blood work, and an ultrasound. The NP and I joked about how many more follicles have joined the party and that they're really growing up. I guess they aren't grown up enough yet, and it's time to slow this party down a bit. 

Due to the afternoon appointment, I don't know what my estradiol levels are. Shannon anticipated they would be higher than the 4691 that they were on Saturday. So, she gave me Cetrotide and told me to do that alone tonight. No Lupron, no Gonal-F, no Luveris. 

I've been feeling a lot of action in my ovaries and I swear they were pissed after I did the Cetrotide. They were like, who the hell put on a slow song, this party was just getting started!

There were a LOT of follicles today. I had 20 measurable ones but I'm sure there were some more. Whether those will all make it to be eggs or not, who the heck knows. A bunch were still a bit small and immature so I guess we are cutting the underage ones off from any more of the good stuff in hopes they leave the party and don't cause issues for everyone. 

I'm a bit disappointed that my retrieval has been pushed back and that I have to go in SUPER early tomorrow, but I just do what they tell me like the good little patient that I am. I think I'm bummed about two more days of work more than anything else. 

I'm not worrying about everything like the past and it feels good to relinquish some control. Not that I ever was in control anyway! I'm just riding the wave of IVF fun.

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  1. You're doing a good job being a good patient! Glad to hear you have so many follies! Things are progressing!