Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Up and down, up and down. Each day I feel like I am on one side or the other. Lately more down than up (yeah, I'm the fat kid), but this evening I headed back up. 

I called my RE this morning and left him a message. I knew he would call back this evening. What the nurse told me yesterday didn't sit well and I wanted it explained by my RE. I wanted to know the reason why what he told me immediately following the cancelled transfer had changed. 

He called as we were out walking the dogs. I missed the call at first and was able to call back and catch him. I explained how I was feeling and asked what happened. 

The biggest issue is that the ultrasound technician is out of town next week and he wants the ultrasound done again by the same person on the same machine. He ideally wanted to do the ultrasound a few days after I had stopped bleeding. He also said that he understands I "wanted to do the transfer yesterday." 

We talked for 35 minutes and reached an agreement. I will go in Friday and get scanned by the technician if she is able to squeeze me into her schedule. If not, he will do the scan (please no!) Either way, I will get scanned on Friday and hopefully will have some answers as to whether or not the fluid is gone. Dr. S is concerned if I am still bleeding that the blood could show up on the scan and confuse things. My period started Monday and is usually about 5 days. I am hoping for an afternoon appointment to better my chances of my period being gone. 

I am hoping that things look good. If so, I will be able to start the estrogen and do the FET this month.

Up and down, up and down. 


  1. Up and down on the IF playground is NO fun :( Hoping all your wishes come true for Friday. And that the fluid is gone and your period is gone! Friday is a biggie for me too! Ugh, please let it be good days for us!!! ;)

  2. I'm glad you called to get more of an explanation. You deserve at least that. I like the sound of your plan. Hopefully things look good on Friday and you can continue!

  3. That plan sounds like a good move. I hope that you get the answers you would like and that you can move ahead!

  4. Glad your doc was able to talk with you. I really like my nurse and all, but I like to talk with the doc to get the full story.

  5. UGH. I hope all of your fluid is gone!

  6. This journey IS such a seesaw- I guess I have never thought of it as that before. So many ups, so many downs. It cycles and cycles.

    Praying the fluid was gone and things are on track.