Monday, April 11, 2011

Pass the wand

I had my appointment this morning at 8:30. I arrived a few minutes early and was out of there by 8:35. As I suspected the ultrasound tech didn't reveal much verbally. This was my first ever follicle check so I wasn't exactly sure what to look for/at.

 When she walked me down the hall she introduced me to a resident student and asked if it was OK if she observed. I was fine with it and I even recognized the resident from my last surgery. I go to a University clinic so both of my surgeries has been accompanied by a resident. This was the first time I had seen one in the actual office.

The ultrasound tech started doing her thing and first measured my lining. She said something to the resident about how it is tough to see the outside edges of mine, and therefore how hard it is to get an accurate measure. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to what it measured. Well she first got my left ovary in view and there was a large follicle there. I have no idea how they tell the difference between a cyst and a follicle because I had the huge cyst before and it looked exactly the same. She measured it and I think it was something like 1.7. Then she went on to the right. On the right hand side she measured three smaller ones (2 at 1.2 and 1 at 1.07).

Here comes the good part. She then asked the resident if she wanted a turn. The resident came over and the tech looks at her and says "got it?" It was like an baton handoff in track and field. The resident took a quick look at both ovaries and then handed ole' wandy back to the tech. She then removed it. Well, the handoff was interesting, especially with the verbal confirmation. I guess the resident wasn't just observing like I thought. The tech then told me I could get dressed and would hear from the nurse later in the day.

I brought my phone into all of my sessions and warned parents I was expecting a phone call. Well, I didn't get one during the work day. I finally called the clinic a little before 4 and left a message. When I was searching crap on the phone around 5:15 I accidently exited out of a call from the clinic. The nurse left a message and said I wasn't triggering tonight and that I would likely trigger Wednesday. She wanted to talk with me tomorrow and said she would call.

How does this all work? Are they going to trigger the one on the left and the smaller ones will likely not release? Is there any way to let the left one go and then trigger the ones on the right? I guess I just don't feel like I got the answers I was looking for since I didn't talk to anyone about the ultrasound.

Man, I really wish I hadn't exited out of the call. I am so disappointed that I waited all day for the call and then screwed it up. I will be calling first thing in the morning tomorrow.


  1. Okay - I'm not sure with your clinic, but with mine, if you're on injectables they usually trigger around 18mm... with clomid, they usually trigger around 20-22mm (i think). If your largest is 17mm right now, they grow 1-2mm/day, depending on your body and the protocol you're on. That means by Wednesday, the big follie should be between 19-21mm, depending on the growth rate. That's perfect for trigger.

    Your 2 that are at 12 will hopefully be growing the max (2mm/day) and be up to 16mm by trigger time - when you trigger, the follies that have a mature egg in them will release... so you have the potential to have 3 eggs...though it's more likely you'll "only" have one. I only had 1 at trigger time, but like my RE keeps reminding me - you only need one egg to make a baby.

    The handoff sounds... awkward. :)

    Hope this helps! Email me if you have more questions.

  2. ps - when you do the trigger shot, you ovulate 36 hrs later, so it gives your follies just a little more time to grow another couple of millimeters.