Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I take it back

Ok, I guess I kinda overreacted yesterday to the bad news of having a dominant follicle on the wrong side. I was super disappointed and apologize that you had to listen to me complain. 

I talked with the nurse this afternoon and she said we are going to go ahead and trigger tonight and go in for the IUI tomorrow. Rather than doing 2 IUI's as planned this cycle, we will do one tomorrow and then it is up to us to have "relations" the following day. 

My RE is hoping for the phenomenon of transmigration in which my other fallopian tube will hopefully pick up the egg. I am not counting on this, but who knows. 

I am starting to think we should just move on to IVF. The hard part is that we were there 4 months ago. On Jan 5th I started Lupron for our first IVF cycle. I ended up pregnant naturally that cycle so we never continued. It is hard to want to try something less successful, even if it is less invasive and cheaper. I am starting to think IUI's are a waste of time and energy and that I would rather focus on something that is more likely to work. The more blogs I read, the fewer positives I see as a result of IUI's. 

I work so hard all day at being patient (patient while children give me a run for my money, patient when I ask them to do something and they take their sweet time, patient with children who are not as competent as others, etc.), but I am finding I am not feeling as patient in other facets of my life. 
On the plus side I realized after giving the trigger shot that 2 weeks after my first shot in January we got the results that I was pregnant. let's hope we are that lucky again in two weeks!


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment today. Yes, that's what they say "perfect," but knows?! I feel like so much could STILL go wrong. So excited for your IUI! I think there are going to be some VERY good things happening in your near future! XO!

  2. I just got a BFP after an IUI - it CAN happen!! Hang in there - I hope you get the same result in 2 weeks!!!

  3. Love the hat :) Good luck tomorrow! I have my fingers crossed for you :) When your hope cup feels empty, we'll fill it up for you!!!

  4. even though i didn't get a BFP on my first try at the IUI, i'm not giving up hope, because a friend of mine is pregnant with her 3rd and all three are from IUIs. it does work and i hope that one try is all it takes! good luck!!!