Saturday, October 6, 2012

IVF #4 CD 9- Follicle Growth

Things are progressing well. My appointment on Friday was the quickest one ever. I was in and out of my clinic in under a half hour. It was amazing to not have to sit forever in the waiting room. 

All of my follicles are growing and my meds were kept the same. I emailed the nurse at Dr. Br.averman's and asked about the trigger. She said she was hoping for significant growth over the weekend with a possible trigger on Monday or Tuesday. A Monday trigger would mean my retrieval would be on our anniversary, so I'm hoping for Tuesday. Also, I don't think I will be ready on Monday based on how things looked yesterday. 

It seems my left ovary is lagging behind a little bit. On the left side I had 7 measurable follicles. They were: 1x9 mm, 5x10 mm, and 1x13 mm. On the right I also had 7 measurable follicles. They were: 2x11 mm, 3x12 mm, and 2x14 mm. My estradiol had a nice jump and a little more than tripled from Wednesday. 

I'm so bloated and getting much more uncomfortable. I still have been feeling nauseous (I think from the dexa) and have been getting headaches. On Friday I felt so crappy I ended up having to cancel all of my afternoon therapy sessions in order to lay at home in bed. I pretty much feel okay when I don't do anything. 

I stated another quilt for my friend who is due with a baby boy in January. She is a friend I met through yoga and conceived through IVF. I got a ton done of the quilt done, and I love the fabric and design. I'm pretty impressed that I was able to teach myself how to quilt. I never took a class and just got some books and taught myself. 

Otherwise, not much is going on. My FIL is here today helping my hubby do some house projects and I'm just laying low and relaxing. Pretty exciting, I know!


  1. You are so close. Numbers look great!

  2. Liz!!! Read this's about why FET's can actually be better than fresh cycles :)

  3. You're almost there!! I feel like one ovary always kind of lags behind.