Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IVF #4 CD 5- Monitoring and Hotdogs

Yesterday was a bit of a marathon day. Adding an hour and a half of driving plus an appointment just makes that happen. I usually book my appointments for super early, but the earliest they had available was 8:45. 

I arrived on time and was taken back shortly after. The nurse was very friendly but struggled multiple times with the blood pressure cuff. This was actually good because it gave me some time to relax and the reading ended up being normal. I have such anxiety induced increased blood pressure at that office. My pulse still measured 100 yesterday. She then drew my blood, glanced at the calendar I brought and left the room for the NP to come in. 

The NP was super friendly and good. I was surprised because she has been a bit difficult about different things since she found out that Dr. Br.averman was going to manage this cycle. She asked a few questions and then started the ultrasound. There were lots of little follicles that she measures (12 to be exact) all at under 10 mm. She asked if we were going to be doing any extra procedures (infusions, etc.) and I said the only difference was a Lupron trigger and freeze all. From that she said, "So he is planing to hyperstimulate you?" I replied by saying it happens every time anyway. She didn't have any response to that. You can't deny that fact. 

From there we talked briefly about meds and she sent me on my way. I then went and dropped off my billing paperwork at my bosses house and got a little breakfast. 

When I asked a kid yesterday what a monkey eats he thought about it for a minute and told me hot dogs. Last week I'm pretty sure he said chicken. This was all while he was torturing 4 baby kittens, carrying them around and forcing them to sit on his lap. You should see the scratches on his hands. 
He has 4 kittens in this picture.

My estradiol came in a little lower than usual yesterday at 191 and my initial reaction was to stress about it. From there I waited until almost 6:30 to get instructions from the nurse. I'm trying to realize it's a different cycle. We want things to go differently, even if it means my hormone levels are lower. They didn't increase my dosage but did add in 1 vial on Menopur last night. I go back Wednesday to see how things are progressing. This is the lowest my estradiol has ever been at this point but there are the highest number of follicles. I'll be curious to see how it all works out. What I do know? It's completely out of my control!


  1. You are absolutely right when you said this is a different cycle. It is hard not to compare them. Sounds like a good start though!

  2. Whoa!!! 12 follicles, that's great!!

  3. That child with those (tortured?) kitties is really cute. Poor little kittens tho, lol.

    I wonder why the nurse asked if he was hyper stimulating you when your estrogen is nice and low? More follicles is great! Slow and steady with even growth.

    I am curious if you have a minute to talk about your protocol? Dr. B proposed an off the wall (at leas to met) protocol and I am wondering if you are tracked similarly. He seemed very confident in it.

  4. Poor kitties! That picture is hilarious. Your follicle count sounds awesome and I wouldn't worry about your estrodile levels. Like you said, it's a differnt cycle and sometimes differnt is great! Sounds like you cycle is off to a great start though!

  5. Your progress sounds similar to mine on Day 4. My E2 started off super low this cycle. But, I agree, you are off to a great start.