Thursday, October 18, 2012

Freeze Report

I was so nervous to call. I dreaded it. When my friend texted me to get the report and I told her I was too scared, she encouraged me strongly to call. 

I feel more invested in this cycle than previous ones. That's part of why I was so nervous. 

I finally called around 12:30 and spoke with a nurse. She was able to tell me that we have a lucky 7 embryos frozen. I asked for their report cards and she said she would have to get an embryologist to call me back. 

A little while later my phone rang. This is what I found out.
On day five they froze three embryos. Of those we had a 5AC, 4BC, and a 3BC. 
On day six they froze four embryos. They were a 4AC, 4BC, 4BC, and 4CC.
She also said they were watching four more to see if they would be able to freeze them on day seven. I didn't realize that was a possibility. 

When AF showed up on Tuesday I emailed Dr. Br.averman. He suggested I schedule a baseline appointment and we didn't talk a whole lot about instructions beyond that. He wanted to know how many embryos we had before we talked next steps. That's one thing I've figured out about him. He likes to take things one step at a time. I'm always trying to look to the next step, so find this somewhat frustrating. It's forcing me to live more in the moment than plan ahead. We had exchanged a few emails about different protocols but he didn't specifically say what to do for me. 

My baseline appointment was this morning. My ovaries were still pretty big and "angry" as the NP put it, but my lining was thin. Both ovaries had some left over cysts but she didn't seem too concerned about it. She asked what the plan was, and not knowing, I just went with the flow. She came back with instructions and my next appointment scheduled. 

When I asked her to fax the results from today's appointment she stopped and stared at me for a second or two before saying, "If that's what you want." Seriously?

I emailed the nurse at Dr. B's office and asked if Dr. B was going to give me a calendar. Well, come to find out he wants me to do something entirely different. The theme of this IVF cycle all along? Different is better!! I guess I'll have to contact the NP and tell her of the change of plans. 

To those of you who have done FET's, what was your protocol? 

All I know right now is this one involves 2 weeks of birth control pills before anything else. I'm pretty sure it also adds Lupron, Progesterone, and Estrace at some point. It's amazing how many months I have spent on the pill while we have been trying to get pregnant. My clinic was happy to have me take Estrace 3x's/day until I started progesterone. Pretty simple. Things are going to get complicated again. 

I forgot to tell this story sooner. The day before my retrieval I had to go for blood work to be sure the lupron trigger worked. I made the appointment for a bit later in the day and ended up having some cancellations for the time after. I called a friend and my MIL to see if either of them wanted to have lunch with me, but was unsuccessful. So then I called my FIL and he gladly agreed. He was so patient and a fantastic listener as I jabbered on about the newest news with us TTC wise. When I told him I had a procedure the next day he asked me, "Are things coming out or going in?" That's one way to put it!


  1. I know I may have said this in the past, but I really do have a good feeling about this cycle :) That sounds like a good snowbaby report! Are you using the clinic near me this time?

  2. LOVE the in or out comment. Congrats on having 7 frozen embies -- that's great news!

  3. Wonderful...wonderful news!!! Congrats on 7 em-babies.

  4. Lucky 7 - I like it!!! I love that you are close enough with your FIL to talk about this stuff - that is an awesome relationship to have. :)

  5. Hooray! That is fantastic news about the freezing! And your FIL is so cute! So glad he was such a support for you!

  6. I can't wait to see how things progress! It sounds like they are really working with you to find a different/better solution. Good luck on each step forward.

  7. Hello from ICLW! Wishing you the best of luck on this next FET cycle. I am so sorry for all that you have been through. For our FET cycle I was on BCPs for about 3 weeks, I started estrace 2x a day for about 1.5 weeks and then went up to 3x per day up until and through the transfer. I was also on crinone 2x per day about 5 days prior and through the transfer. It was a very easy protocol but the estrace made me feel like a mad woman! Wishing you the best on this next cycle!

  8. 7 is great! I hope in this case different is better! Good luck.

  9. Hi from ICLW. 7 is wonderful. Good luck!

  10. Seven is a fabulous number!!!

    I think you already know my protocol, but if it goes.

    Ok, it wasn't much of a protocol really. NO bcp's. Basically, Estradiol pills 3x/day before, during and after the transfer. In fact, I was told to stay on them until I was 9 or 10 weeks. I began taking the Crinone (2x/day) five days before the transfer and am still on them. I expect that I will be on them another two weeks until 14 weeks.

    I have SUCH a good feeling about this for you!!!

  11. Oh, and the estradiol pills also made me feel like a mad woman!