Tuesday, October 16, 2012

IVF #4 CD 20- Interesting...

Where to start? How about with me throwing up in my car yesterday? Doesn't that sound like a fun place to start? All weekend my stomach was bothering me and I was feeling super nauseous. By Monday morning I emailed the NP to see if I could stop taking Dostinex (possible culprit for stomach upset). She said fine. By a little later in the day I asked if I could stop Metformin and she said that was fine temporarily as well. 

So I headed off to work. I saw two little boys at the same daycare and struggled to get through the sessions. After, I headed off to a Head Start. I stood outside my car, willing myself to feel better and go inside. When I was mapping out the quickest way to the bathroom in my head I figured I should probably head home. Well, home was about 20 minutes away. On the drive I started to feel really awful, so grabbed for a bag and pulled over. Not fun. Cue me sitting on the couch the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself. 

So work was a no-go yesterday. I'm hoping it goes better today. Especially since I have a long day paired with two evaluations at the end of the day with my boss and someone shadowing us. 

Last night we were sitting on the couch watching some mindless television when W's phone rang. He didn't answer it initially, but it rang again. It was his Dad calling to say his grandmother isn't doing very well. She has been in a nursing home for years and I guess has taken a turn for the worst. W is planning to go down to visit her this afternoon. 

Then my phone rang and it was my Mom. I made W answer it and he has a strange conversation. When he hung up I got the scoop: A family friend is pregnant again and considering adoption this time. The family is very close to mine. The grandparents of this soon-to-be baby were our neighbors growing up (Susie & Angelo) and good friends with my parents. Susie was present at my birth, taking glorious pictures of my head crowning. Susie & Angelo adopted Haylee and another child over 20 years ago. Haylee got pregnant and had a little boy about 17 months ago. The little boy lives with her parents and she isn't a very active participant in his life. A few months ago my mom brought up me adopting the little boy and the family seemed pretty upset. Well, I guess Susie called my mom yesterday to ask if W and I would be interested in adopting this baby. Haylee is due on February 15th with a little girl. My sister's due date is 5 days later.  

I called back my mom and talked to her for a bit. I said we would be interested, but it's not something I'm going to get my hopes up about yet. It doesn't sound like Haylee has made that decision yet. But, it's definitely interesting and somewhat exciting. 

In other interesting news, it looks like my period showed up this morning. It has only been 5 days since my retrieval so I'm going to email Dr. Br.averman to see what he has to say. It seems crazy to start back up already. I'm also a little bummed because I wanted to try the endometrial biopsy this cycle. We don't even know what ended up being frozen. They will be freezing our embryos today and tomorrow. 

So those are the updates! Throwing up in my car, W's grandma not doing well, a possible adoption??!!, and my period. How's that for variety?


  1. I hope you feel better. Someone calling you up and asking if you want to adopt a baby sounds like winning the best prize ever from the bottom of a box of cracker jacks. Seriously, to me, at this horrific juncture in my life that sounds like winning the baby lottery. I truly hope it works out. Good luck with this cycle. Sounds like your head has to be spinning after a day like that.

  2. That is variety for sure! nausea is the worst - it has plagued me on and off since starting TTC and i think it's the most frustrating and sad side-effect/symptom b/c nausea is the 'classic' sign you are pg so to feel like throwing up and knowing it's not due to a pg makes me want to, well, throw up.

    I think you are smart to be cautious about the adoption possibility - it sounds really good but also complicated! I hope more info becomes clear for you soon.

    Hang in there and can't wait to hear the freeze report.

  3. Wow...what a crappy and exciting day all at once! I think you're right....be cautiously optimistic. But things might just turn out amazingly <3

  4. Wow wow wow -- so much info in this one little post!! I'm glad you're approaching this adoption prospect cautiously, b/c it definitely seems that there are a LOT of balls in the air that need to find places before that goes any further.

    Can't wait to hear what happened with your embryos!!

  5. Wow the adoption thing... so tempting. As Josey said, I'm sure many things would need to be discussed, but really something to contemplate for sure. :)