Monday, October 22, 2012

ICLW October

Hello to anyone new visiting my blog this week. Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Liz, I'm 29 and my hubby is W (31). We have been trying to baby #1 for about 2 1/2 years. Cycle wise we've done 4 IVF cycles, 3 FET cycles, and 2 IUI's. We just completed IVF #4 with a freeze all cycle. I found out last week we have 7 frozen embryos and I started meds for FET #4. We are looking at a tentative transfer date of some time in the 20's of November.  

I have PCOS and I lost my left fallopian tube to a paratubal cyst. We unfortunately had 3 miscarriages (1 at 8 weeks, 2 chemical) so sought out advice from a reproductive immunologist, Dr. Br.averman in NYC. From him we found out I had 3 gene mutations (MTHFR, Factor V, PAI-1G) that lead to blood clotting problems, and that W and I have 6 HLA matches. He managed my IVF cycle and is now managing my FET cycle. My current clinic does not love this fact. 

I work in early intervention as a speech therapist and love it. We have 3 furbabies (2 dogs and a car) who provide lots of entertainment for us. Otherwise, I enjoy gardening, house projects, hanging out with friends, reading, going to see live music, and doing fun things outside. 

As part of ICLW I always like to ask a few questions to readers, so here goes:
1. What is your current favorite song?
2. Do you parallel park or drive around to look for another parking spot?
3. Do you have a good luck charm? If so, what it is?
4. What was your childhood nickname?
5. What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal, item?
6. What do you wash first in the shower?

My Replies:
1. Below my Feet by Mumford and Sons 
2. I will parallel park as long as too many people aren't watching/waiting
3. I don't have any good luck charms, maybe that's my problem : (
4. Lizzy 
5. I had this stuffed hippo named Critter. I was so sad when I lost him. 
6. My hair


  1. Hello from ICLW! I will parallel park if it's on the "easy" side of the road (right), and my favorite childhood stuffed animal was a rabbit puppet. I still have her, and yes she is indeed a she!

  2. Hi, I've been following for awhile. My favorite song currently is Little Talks from of Monsters and Men; I love parallel parking, and will take on the challenge of any spot (I live in the city), no good luck charm but love the number 5; my childhood nickname is my maiden name; my favorite stuffed animal was a stuffed pig I had with no name that I gave to one of my nephews; and I always wash my hair first unless I am not washing it that day, then my arms. Good luck next month with the FET!

  3. Best luck to your cycle. It sounds you have found a great RE and I hope he will get you succeed with the new protocols.
    I have lot's of favorites, I am into Latin dancing lately. Same as you, don't mind paralel parking but I take time and patience. No charms, but I have some kind of an attachment to this pretty river stone. My fave stuffed animal was a teddy bear. I still have it, but sadly, the moths did it some grave damage at an old apartment I had rented years ago. I owe him a make-over. Good reminder. My fave' nickname I got from my Dad and it referred to my tan. I loved playing outside. I always start with the armpits. This was fun!
    Happy ICLW #51

  4. Happy ICLW. Congrats on a great freeze report!

    1. Peacock by Beirut
    2. I parallel if I'm in a hurry.
    3,4,5. no good luck charms or nicknames or special stuffed animal. Is that sad?
    6. My hair. I work top to bottom.

  5. Happy ICLW, and happy blogoversary!! :) That is a great freeze report....Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!!!

    On to my answers:

    1. Demons by Imagine Dragons
    2. Parallell all the way. I take pride in being a woman that has those "skills" as my hubby calls them.. LOL
    3. I do. It's my "Guardian Angel" charm hubby bought me after we lost our son in April
    4. Big Bird. I am the tallest female in my family (I'm pretty average now I think.. 5'9 1/2
    5. My cabbage patch doll I got for Christmas.
    6. My "woo-ha!" You figure it out... lol

    Love those questions!! Hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods....