Monday, February 21, 2011

ICLW Week (International Comment Leaving Week)

I kept seeing ICLW mentioned on many of the blogs I follow and finally decided to see what it's all about. I was amazed to see the HUGE list of others struggling with infertility. It definitely makes me feel like this is a larger community than I ever realized. Welcome to anyone who is new!! I hope you enjoy my blog.

I will recap our journey to date:
2003 Met my future hubby working at a local restaurant and we became friends. We both had significant others at the time.
2004 The "summer of love" with W. I call it this because I had a boyfriend at the time, but I fell in love with this new guy after I spent as much time with him as I could. He took me out for drinks on my 21st B-Day because my boyfriend at the time wasn't 21 yet.
Summer of 2005 W and I officially get together this summer and start dating, I go back to my last semester of undergrad while he moves to Wyoming.
Dec 2005 I graduate a semester early and move out to Wyoming with W after Christmas. We move in together.
Winter 2006-2007 we spend this winter again being ski bums in Wyoming. We work for the ski resort and marriage and kids seem a far way off.
Summer 2007 I start a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology and we move back to NY.
Fall 2007 W starts classes in order to pursue a doctorate program in Physical Therapy.
Summer 2008 W starts his DPT program, we get engaged!!
Spring 2009 I graduate with my master's degree from Ithaca College, I get off BCP's (birth control pills) in order to loose the extra pounds for the wedding. We use other forms of birth control.
10/10/2009 We get married
June 2010 I finally convince my hubby that we should start trying for a family. He is scared and thinks it will happen right away, difficult for him because he doesn't graduate until May 2011. I buy the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and fervently read the entire thing.
July 2010 I go to my regular OB/GYN for a pre-conception check-up and ask them to run blood work since I had a few longer (40-45 day) cycles off the pill. The call the next week and tell me my testosterone levels are high and PCOS is suspected. Referred to an endocrinologist.
July 2010 I go to a local endocrinologist-worst appointment of my life. He tells me I DEFINITELY have PCOS (without using any specific criteria or doing an ultrasound) and wants to put me on Metformin. Tells me I am not ovulating and should not try to conceive at this point.
August 2010 Make an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and find the BEST doctor I have ever had. First appointment lasts hours and I am sent for an ultrasound during same appointment. Ultrasound find 8 cm cyst on left ovary as well as "ring of pearls" on both ovaries. RE prescribes BCP to hopefully shrink cyst.
September 2010 Return to RE for scan to see whether cyst has gone done. No changes, laparoscopy surgery scheduled for the end of Oct.
October 2010 Laparoscopy reveals cyst was actually located on my fallopian tube. Cyst is simple and filled with fluid, drained. HSG reveals both tubes blocked. Mild endometriosis found on uterosacral ligaments and cauterized.
November 2010 Post-Op appointment to discuss next moves. RE suggests Lupron for endometriosis in hopes it will clear my tubes or IVF. We make the decision to move forward with IVF.
December 2010 Trial transfer, sonohysterogram, tons of bloodwork, semen analysis. Everything come back fine. Cyst has returned and is about 6-7 cm. Get all the necessary meds for IVF.
January 2011 Start Lupron injections. Proceed with Lupron for 2 weeks and wait for Aunt Flo (AF.) AF never comes and go to RE for suppression check. Early gestational sac found in uterus. Surprise pregnancy!! Progesterone started and ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks. Beta 2057
Febrauary 4 2011 First ultrasound reveals embryo measuring 5 weeks 6 days. Heart beat of 101 (a little low) revealed. Beta levels not rising very fast. Beta 3972. Follow-up ultrasound scheduled for the 18th.
February 18 2011 Ultrasound reveals embryo stopped growing at 6 weeks, no heartbeat found. D&C Scheduled for the 24th as well as laparoscopy to entirely remove cyst.

Although we haven't actually been trying to get pregnant for too long, it really feels like we have been on a roller coaster. This process hasn't been easy, but I have some positives to make from it all:

1. I have an AMAZING husband who supports me fully and is extremely compassionate and caring. I knew this before, but our relationship only gets stronger with each struggle we encounter together.

2. We were able to conceive on our own.

3. My tubes aren't blocked like we thought.

4. I do ovulate on my own (although I think large doses of Vitamin D really helped this process). It may       not happen often, but it did happen at least once.

I am looking to the future and am hopeful we will become parents. I know our journey is no where near over though. Thanks for reading!!

I went to work today and it helped to make me realize that life does indeed continue. I had to get up SUPER early (5 AM) in order to shower and get out the door to make it to my 7 AM pre-op appointment. The appointment was fine and everyone I spoke to was super nice. Last time I went for the pre-op each person who came in the room asked me what procedure I was having done. Today nobody asked. I had to fill out a fetal demise form which wasn't easy, but the nurse was very kind about the whole thing. The drew blood, took a urine sample, gave me instructions, and sent me on my way. Out of curiosity I took a HPT yesterday to see if my HCG levels were falling. Unfortunately it was just as dark as the original ones. Seeing a positive pregnancy test was bittersweet. Thursday can't come soon enough!


  1. Hi again! You asked about a Diva cup. It's basically a cup you insert inside yourself and it "catches" all the blood during your period. Several people I've talked to say once you get used to them they are great. Check this out:
    I'll post how it works out for me on my blog :).

  2. Wow, for being a relative "newbie" in the TTC world, you've definitely been through a lot.

    I look forward to following your journey!!

  3. Stopping by for ICLW, so hello!

    Sounds like you have been on a bit of ride in a very short time! I am sorry to hear about the result of your latest scan. I just went through a miscarriage in January after our first round of IVF and it was heartbreaking.

    Look forward to sharing in your journey.

  4. Over on ICLW and wanted to give you a gentle hug for being on this journey. And then a huge bear hug for coping so well - times don't get much more testing than this and I am so very sorry for your loss - but your attitude is amazing and will carry you onwards xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I am so sorry you had a miscarriage. It's been one of the worst things I ever had to go through...

    I'm an ICLW visitor, stopping by for the first time.

  6. Visiting from ICLW. ((HUGS)) have gone through a lot, but just like you said, you got pregnant on your own! That is just awesome. I also have PCOS and was about to take that IVF journey, our last cycle on injectables is what did the trick. Again, ((HUGS)) and I wish you luck on this rough journey...

  7. Hey, I found your blog through ICLW. First, I'm so so sorry about the miscarriage. After going through two last year, I know there are no words to say. But your positive attitude will get you though. You've been through so much!

  8. Wow, you seem like such a strong person. Hugs to you as you deal with this miscarriage.

  9. Your story is somewhat like mine, (falling in love with my husband while still "in love" with someone else...). So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had one two years ago and now am 6 weeks pregnant but just can't get excited yet, it's all to real still. Hang in there!
    *here for iclw*

  10. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Your journey hasn't been that long, but it looks to be a tough one.

    You stopped by my blog and asked how many months I did on injections. We only did one and I only had 1 egg develop. Talk about feeling defeated at that last u/s the day we triggered, but thankfully it really only took 1 egg.

    Good luck on your TTC journey, I hope it comes to an end soon with a precious miracle.

    ICLW #16

  11. I'm so sorry about your loss. You really have been through quite the roller coaster ride in the past few months. Hopefully, you'll have a smooth recovery and good luck when you start to TTC again.


  12. Visiting from ICLW.
    I am so sorry for your recent m/c. I am glad that you are able to focus on the positives. I wish you the best.