Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope everyone was able to celebrate in their own way and take the time to stop and appreciate everything our loved ones do for us. My hubby has been amazing the past month and has really picked up the slack for me around the house. He cooks and does all of the dishes already, but recently has been doing more of the other cleaning tasks. I have to admit, he isn't as thorough as me, but I can let that go. I appreciate everything he does for me so much.

We celebrated on Friday night after my hubby accidently spilled the beans about what he got me. Well, actually I told him I had an idea and he accidently spit the word out. He got me a Kindle and my first purchase was, of course, a pregnancy book (Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.) I got him the T.V for the kitchen he had already seen and a mount so it can flip down from under the cabinets. I guess this makes him kitchen-bound for life. I can't say I don't LOVE the fact that he cooks all of our meals. 

We had a very low-key weekend and I spent most of Saturday relaxing in bed, napping and watching various things from my laptop. We went to a housewarming party on Saturday and had the in-laws over on Sunday. It is so tempting to tell people, but we want to wait until at least Friday when we can know everything is still going well. We have our appointment for 2:30 on Friday and I am feeling more relaxed about everything. Stressing definitely doesn't help. We originally said we would wait until 12 weeks to tell people, but my resolve is crumbling. If my Mom didn't have such a big mouth we probably would have told people already.

Even though some people say Valentine's Day is silly and we should appreciate each other every day, I think it is a nice to stop and really celebrate our love for each other. W, I appreciate you and everything you do for me.

In other news we booked a Vacation!!! We are Dominican Republic bound the third week of March. I can't wait!!

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