Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Luck

Warning- Bad morning=venting

Lately it seems like things have been happening that are out of my control and either disappointing or upsetting.

I got a call from my RE yesterday saying that the heart beat was indeed a little slow. He said he wasn't "clinically significant", but worth noting. I will go back on the 18th and see how things look then. Great, another 2 weeks of worry.

Last Friday my husband got home first. I had ordered him a flat screen TV for the kitchen for Valentine's day. Well, the person who shipped it just put the shipping tag on the box and he saw what he was getting.

We ordered our new bed this weekend and my husband went and picked up the frame yesterday. We had planned to meet at the mattress store and get the mattress as well. Well, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Last night my husband parked my car in our small garage. He is terrible at parking my car since he drives one of the smallest ones you can find. As I pulled out I smashed my side mirror on the wall of the garage since the car was too far over to the right.

This morning my hair dryer decided to not work.

Yesterday a family cancelled on my AGAIN and when I said this needs to stop happening or I will drop the kid for therapy, the mom got really nasty and told me she didn't want me teaching her kid any more because I am heartless.

In addition, we are supposed to get 2-6 inches of snow today. We have had about 130 inches this season so far, and I am sick of it. I am especially sick of people not shoving their walkways and steps to their houses. You would think if you are expecting someone to come to your house, you would shovel! I am over you winter, I am ready to move on to someone new (spring.) Spring seems SO FAR away right now.

It must be my hormones making me feeling crazy, but life has not been too simple lately. I am hoping my luck will turn around this week and I will start to feel better. I am grateful for our pregnancy and that fact that my hubby is out running to the store to get me a new hair dryer. I am hoping today will be a better day.

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  1. Hang in there babe!! Life sucks somedays but it always bounces back!!! Stay strong!