Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Every year I have to get a TB test for work. It's really no big deal and the county I live in offers a clinic every Tuesday for 10 dollars. I've been slacking on getting this done and finally made an appointment to do it today.

The appointment was at 4:00 and I showed up a little early hoping I could get home sooner. I was the first one there and they immediately gave me paperwork to fill out.

The first page included a bunch of simple questions. I answered no to most questions and was then able to answer the golden question the way I've been dying to for years. The question read "Are you pregnant?" It was pretty amazing to be able to make an x in the "yes" column. 

When the nurse "Jackie" called me over to talk prior to the test she scanned down the questionnaire page. Then she came to the bottom question. She immediately congratulated me and told me the test was safe during pregnancy (I had previously asked Dr. B so knew this to be the case). I told her I was really early and that we had been trying for a long time. She asked me when I would be due and I told her October.

A totally normal conversation that a pregnant person might have. It really felt like a dream. 

I then got called to the back of the room to get the shot. At this point no shots really phase me so it was no big deal. She told me I was done and that I had to return on Friday to get the test read. She then said I would get a copy of the form that day to send to my employer. 

Que my minor freak out. I told her there was something on there I didn't want to share with my employer and pointed to the same question that made me so happy to answer yes to a few minutes prior. She called over the first woman I talked to and she came up with a plan. She said when I go on Friday to get it read that I should ask for her. She said she could white-out the original so we can send it to my employer without that information on it. 

It's amazing how something can go from so exciting to so troublesome so quickly. I'm glad we made a plan and that my boss won't find out so soon. I'm also super thrilled I got to put an x in the "yes" column. I was so excited I almost took a picture. 


  1. What a great lady & yay for marking pregnant box!

  2. LOL, I totally would have taken a picture. I remember the first time I marked the pregnant box as well - totally surreal!! YAYYYYYY for being pregnant!!

  3. OOhhhh I BET it did feel so amazing! I am so happy you got to do that!!! Aww an October baby...my favorite month :)

  4. Aww, what a nice moment that must have been! I am so happy for you! I'm so glad they worked out a plan with you so you don't have to make any pregnancy announcements before you are ready.

  5. There are so many fun moments like this throughout pregnancy. "I'm sorry, I can't eat that!" Where people fawn over you for being pregnant. :) although it is soooo hard the first trimester when you don't want people to know! You have to ask for some secrecy sometimes and some people will be awesome and some people will blab it all over! Usually telling them that you've been trying for a long time and are worried will get them to keep their mouths shut. ;)

    I remember when I sit my hair done for the first time I had to tell my stylist not to do a certain process, and could he please be discreet about it ( since I know a lot I people at the salon who would have squealed with delight, although it would have been too early!

    I found it easiest just to stay home the entire first trimester, have my morning sickness all day Long and avoid the world.

  6. Hey Liz, I'm just catching up and wanted to send you a big fat YAY!!!!!

  7. I'm so so happy and excited for you!!! I'm catching up now and my heart is just beating out of my chest. I will pray for your little one and check in for more happy updates that I know are coming :)

  8. I had no idea what couples like you have to go through with fertility problems. But it's the little things like this where you were finally able to mark the "Yes I'm Pregnant" box; that I've read over and over that makes me so happy in my new job at a fertility clinic.