Thursday, September 27, 2012


I work with little kids that are walking cesspools for germs. I have 19 children on my caseload right now and I think about 80-85% of them have some kind of cold or another. 

I douse myself in hand sanitizer each time I get back in my car. Heck, I should buy stock in Purell I use it so much. 

Today I start dexamethasone. Each time I've taken it I've noticed I either get sick or get something else. I think it was last time that a giant wart popped up on one of my toes within the first week of taking it. Another time I got a really bad stomach bug. 

So, wish me luck in not getting sick. If it's only a cold I guess it's not that bad. I better start bulking up on my Vitamin C and make sure I get enough sleep. That one is a big tougher with early morning appointments. 

AF showed up this morning and tonight is my first night of stims. I always laugh in the beginning when I am looking forward to starting something that I know in the end isn't that much fun. Oh well, it's good to be back up and going. 


  1. I'm so excited for you to be doing this cycle with the new doctor. It is always refreshing to start a new cycle! :) I hated the Dexamethasone. It made me so sick with heartburn. Good luck! Stock up on some Emergen-C!

  2. Ugh I'm a first grade teacher and I cannot wash my hands enough throughout the day....yuck!!! Hope the germs stay away and good luck with the stims!!

  3. Happy stim day!!!! A fresh cycle had endless opportunities :)

  4. Yay for starting stims. I hope you manage to stay healthy, but you know, with my third cycle, the one that actually worked, last January, I was miserable sick for a week right before starting stims, and it all turned out just fine. So, don't panic, and yes, stock up on vitamin C!