Friday, September 14, 2012

A Few More Days

The days are dragging by as we get closer to our appointment. 38 birth control pills down the hatch and hopefully only 3 more to go. Our appointment is Monday at 1:00 over the phone. I'm nervous but looking forward to learning everything there is to learn about how we got to this point. W is planning to take a long lunch so we will be together for the call. 

There are so many possible scenarios it doesn't even pay to try to imagine them all. 

It's been a long past 2 weeks, but it should be a short weekend. We have dinner with my parents tonight and then my work party on Sunday. 

I've gone back to crossing days off on the calendar. I hadn't done that in a while, but always find myself doing it when I'm looking forward to something. At least I feel somewhat accomplished each morning as I X off another day.

My sister has her gender ultrasound coming up a week from my appointment. She hasn't told many people she is pregnant yet. My dad and her in-laws don't know. I guess at this point she is better off waiting until she knows what she's having. I can't believe she is still hiding it because she definitely has a belly. I just think she doesn't want the attention, so doesn't want to tell people. 

She got a new car this week and it's really nice. It sure beats my old car (the 95 2-door Honda Civic with 220,000 miles on it) that she was driving. 

I'm going to start working on a baby quilt for her. I need to pick out the fabrics but I've decided it will be my new hobby. I've never actually quilted, but I have done a lot of sewing, so hopefully it won't be too bad. I went to a quilting shop the other day and the fabrics were so amazing. I was in love. My mom is willing to help and I got a few books out of the library. I'm looking forward to having something to keep me busy. 


  1. Hi there! I'm new to posting on your blog but not to reading...I was a lurker for a while but then got my own blog, but for some reason never commented. I hope your appointment goes well and you guys find some answers to everything. The waiting for something you are anticipating can be sooo hard! I definitely know the feeling, and totally get crossing it off on the calendar. It gives a little bit of control to the situation, I suppose.

    Awesome idea to start quilting! I actually started quilting when we first started TTC (a quilt for the baby I would be having soon, HA!). I quit because I was frustrated with all the baby colors and the fact that I didn't know who was going to be using those quilts I had started. I have slowly picked it back up and am planning to make a baby quilt for my SIL. It is therapeutic and definitely helps to keep busy. You will probably be very good at it since you already know how to sew...I didn't even know how to do that when I started!!

    Sorry that was a ramble, but just wanted to pop in and say hey and let you know I'll continue to follow along and hope you get answers very soon.

  2. Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope you get some answers...not that I want anything to be wrong...but it might be a blessing in disguise if something *is* wrong but is easily fixed so you can go on and get pregnant with a healthy baby!

    Text me and let me know...I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping that this will set you on a path to a quick and easy and successful protocol coming up. And YAY for not having to go to NYC again. I was wondering about that....