Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Will Wait

This is the title of one of the newest Mumford and Sons songs. I have been listening to it a lot and find it fitting these days. They played it when we saw them in August and I loved it then. Check it out, buy it on iTunes and then listen to it constantly like me. At least that's my recommendation.

The week after we got back from vacation (last week) I completed the final portion of the blood work. Re.prosource told me the doctor's office would have the results in about a week.

So this week I called Dr. Br.averman's office to schedule my follow-up appointment. At first they offered me the end of October, but I told them that wouldn't work. The best they were able to offer was September 17th (a week from this coming Monday). At the time it seemed really far away and I was pretty bummed out. They did add me to the cancellation list so I'm somewhat hopeful it will work out. Otherwise, its really not that far away. 

I've been taking the pill for about 30 days now. It makes me moody and eats up my patience. I feel like I'm in the starting blocks of a race just waiting for the gun to be shot off. 

I'm a little worried something will show up that takes time to remediate or that there will be some other kind of problem. In total, it was 32 tubes of blood for the tests. I'll be upset if there's something wrong but probably also upset if there isn't. I don't think there's such a thing as winning at this point. 

It's hard not to feel like something else is going on. We've transferred 14 embryos at 5 different times and only gotten 2 chemical pregnancies. Most of these embryos were considered good quality. 

So, for now I Will Wait for my appointment and the results. Can the next week please disappear??


  1. Hope you get results sooner then later. I remember feeling the same way about wanting something to be wrong, but also not wanting something to be wrong. It's a weird place to be. I look forward to hearing your news. And hopefully your appointment gets pushed up too, they normally do!!!

  2. Good luck at your follow up appointment! I hope Dr. B is able to shed some light on your issues.

  3. Oh gosh. I can just imagine how frustrating this would all be. I've done some extensive testing but the most vials I've gotten at once is 18. You are a trooper! Good luck and I hope they can give you some answers.