Thursday, April 12, 2012

Suppression is Boring

What's new? Well... not a whole lot. I haven't written in over a week but that's because there's nothing all that new or exciting. 

 I'm still taking birth control pills but start Lupron on Sunday. I always feel like once the injections start things really feel like they get moving. The weeks on birth control pills feel like they move at a snail's pace. 

Work is pretty busy with lots of report writing. I've been trying to be much better about getting things in on time. I've decided to tell my boss about our fertility treatments, but I haven't seen or talked to either of them since the conversation. I am out on my own a lot for work and I don't have a ton of contact with them other than email. I also wanted to wait for things to blow over a little bit. 

One of the mom's of the kids I work with went through 3 IUI's and 4 IVF cycles before she got pregnant with her first child. She has known for a while what is going on with us and is an amazing source of support. When I told her about the meeting and my thoughts she agreed I should tell them. She advised me against writing an email since that could be possibly placed in my HR file. I thought that was a really good point. So, I'm just giving it some time, but I do intend to come out of the closet. 
One of the kids I work with had a cut on his arm. I asked him what happened and he told me they went to a bounce house place and the bouncy house "had rug burns on it." Love it!

I had a realization this past week. When I got to a house the 2 year old I see for therapy was sleeping. As the dad went into the other room to wake him up I noticed the 12 week old baby sleeping on the floor. I just stood there and stared at him. He was so beautiful and perfect. It was then that I realized it doesn't have to be MY baby for me to love it. I think if this IVF doesn't work out we might start actively pursuing adoption or at least starting to do some research. I know at this point I would love any baby, whether it has my eyes or my husbands curly hair or not. It doesn't really matter. 


  1. I love that you have support from someone with such an amazing success story (long as it may be). Keep the faith, girl. It will happen. For BOTH of us!

  2. I *still* feel bored and I'm just on twice-weekly delestrogen shots. 12 days out. Still bored. Totally know what you mean!

    How appropriate coming out right before NIAW :)

    And finally, that last paragraph makes so happy- that's what this is all about, right? Becoming parents, in whatever way makes us feel complete. So much love for you!!

  3. Know what you mean about time moving slowly on the Pill... I feel that it just grinds along :( Wonderful to hear your thoughts on adoption... I've heard so many wonderful stories of love through those that have adopted. FXd for your cycle too xo