Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SA (Semen Analysis) Day

So we like to abbreviate everything in our house. When our cat is being a Pain In The Ass we can him PITA, my mother in-law is also known as Momma PITA because she tends to make things difficult. We make them up often and it's a game to try to figure out what it stands for. Today was SA (semen analysis) day for my hubby. I am amazed we have gotten so far in our infertility journey without having gotten this done yet, but today was his big day (finally he plays a part in the unpleasant testing and worrying that accompanies it.) We joked about it leading up to, but I was really curious about it all (so of course I asked him a lot of questions after.)

His appointment was at 8 AM and he needed to be at the University hospital. He is also a student of this Medical University and he was really funny about everything. He wanted to return some books to the library and parking is always difficult in that area. I'm sure he was hoping to do both in one shot, but later realized this would probably not be the best idea. He was like, "I don't want to walk in there with my backpack because they are going to think I brought my own books/magazines/DVD's." Library books are heavy so it would have looked like he brought quite the lot. We joked that he would be brining his own portable DVD player and favorite porn.

He said the floor of the building was pretty crappy so he was wondering what the "jack off" room would be like. He said it had "mood lighting" and a big leather chair. I asked him if he sat in it and he was like, "What do you think I did, stand up?" Apparently they offered both movies and magazines but he opted for the movie because it "seemed more sanitary." He didn't say much else about it (probably because I wasn't interested in many other details), but he said it went well and the guy he handed his sample to was very nice and friendly.

So I finally went to the doctor today about this cough I have been having. She basically said what I thought she would say, that she can't do anything for me. She did prescribe cough medicine with Codeine so hopefully my hubby won't be threatening to go sleep in the guest room in the middle of the night any more. When I picked it up I checked on the progesterone script I had gotten called in last week. They said it would be $50.00 so I decided to go with the progesterone inserts. When I asked what the full price was she had to look it up and reported that it was $470.00. My insurance covered a huge majority of it. I can't believe how lucky we are going to be with the meds this cycle. In total, we will pay only $50.00 for Lupron, Gonal-F, Menopur, Ovidrel, and endometrin (progesterone). Doing the fertility lifelines program helped to pay for the Gonal-F, Ovidrel, and Menopur and the Lupron was donated from previous clients at the clinic. I took a picture of all the meds and can't believe how amazingly lucky we are.

Speaking of lucky, I think I should touch on all the great things I have going on in my life/that occurred in 2010:

          A rewarding job that pays well and offers great insurance

         An amazing husband who supports me in every way and listens to me jabber constantly

         Moving into out first home and celebrating our first wedding anniversary the same weekend

         Acquiring new furniture to fill our house and taking pride in the place we live

         My hubby finishing all his classwork for school with only clinicals left this spring

         Officially taking on a second dog (although he lived with us for a while we confirmed it when he took him to the new house). I consider him "my dog" because whenever we go for walks or outings he must be directly behind me at all times

          A fantastic and relaxing vacation in Aruba in May (no more vacations for a while, thanks IVF!)

          My sister finally getting engaged after being with her boyfriend for over 7 years

          Celebrating the life (and sadly also the death) of my grandfather with all of my family in Florida

          Finding a compassionate and understanding RE who listens and explains everything thoroughly (perhaps a little too talkative when our appointments last 3 hours)

          And of course, deciding to try to start a family. It may not have happened for us in 2010, but I am hopeful that 2011 is going to be a great year. If nothing else, my hubby will start working a professional job and will start contributing to the new mortgage payment we have!!

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