Sunday, December 5, 2010

Actually taking action

So I heard back from the office. In order to continue win IVF I have to do 3 things:  1) IVF teaching with the nurse in the office Becky, 2) a trial transfer, and 3) more testing (a SHG). This test involves a saline solution being put into your uterus to make sure everything looks ok. At this point, I am terrified of any more testing. Each time I get any done, something comes back not right. I really hope it goes ok. I thought the doctor was able to look at my uterus during the surgery and with the HSG dye test. I distinctly remember him telling me my uterus looked fine. I have done a few ultrasounds as well at this point. I guess I just worry; you should see my blood pressure readings at that office. I can't wait to go there and not be nervous, just happy.

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