Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sonohystogram and trial transfer

So I went to my RE yesterday to start the testing processing for IVF. They took me right into an ultrasound room with my hubby and first made me sign a consent for the testing and HIV test. My hubby also had to sign a consent to get tested for HIV. They say this is a precaution because the instrumentation can cause infections to spread if there are any. They then told me to empty my bladder and then undress from the bottom down. I was pretty nervous but had taken a 600 mg Motrin prior. I was hoping this would reduce any cramping and make me more relaxed.

So the doc came in with his nurse and started an ultrasound first. He immediately said, "Didn't you just empty your bladder?" It was at this point that I realized something may be wrong. I have been getting twinges from my lower left side and was thinking maybe the cyst had returned. Well... it has. It isn't as large this time (about 3 cm x 4 cm), but it's back. The doctor said that when he did the laparoscopy he drained the cyst and debated with his resident as to whether to remove the tissue or not. Well, at the time I guess he figured that was the least invasive thing to do. Immediately following the surgery I remember asking what happens if it comes back, and he seemed pretty sure that was unlikely.

Well, the cyst is back and I'm not completely pleased. The doctor thought for a few minutes and then kinda just moved on. He looked at my ovaries and uterus under ultrasound and then did the trial transfer. The good news is that my cervix was really easy to get past (I just hope not too easy) and that the transfer will most likely be easy. Once the catheter was in for the trial transfer he used it to insert saline and then used the ultrasound in addition to make sure my uterus looked it. The other good news is that there weren't any polyps or abnormalities there.

The doctor is planning to drain the cyst when I have my egg retrieval. He will first retrieve the eggs and then he will drain the cyst. He seems to think this is the best plan since I will already be under anesthesia at the time. He said it is midline and since he knows it is a simple fluid filled cyst, there is no problem doing this.

The bad news is that we can't continue to drain this thing every few months. I will probably have to have another laparopscopy to get it removed completely in the future. I wasn't too happy about that, but really happy we don't have to cancel or IVF cycle or change anything. They gave us our big 'ole box of meds.

The doctor is not prescribing progesterone injections, but instead a pill that is inserted vaginally. The woman I know and talk to about IVF said she didn't like that. She said it is messy and the last thing you want when you are going through an IVF cycle is the be "leaking". The doctor said the shots "get old fast" and that I will probably be on the progesterone for a few weeks at least. The nurse said she will call it into the pharmacy and I should check on the price. If it is OK, then that is what we will do. If not, then we should call her and we can do the shots. The shots are cheaper, but not the preferred way according to my doctor.

 When we left I had to go downstairs to the lab to get blood work done. I was initially nervous about all this blood work, but I was feeling pretty positive about things at the time. My husband didn't get his done because he wants to call the insurance company and see where they might cover it.  They also wrote a script for him to get a semen analysis. They don't want any "surprises" the day of the egg retrieval.

All in all we are feeling really positive and excited. It really stinks that the cyst has returned, but it isn't going to change much. It means future surgery down the road, but the doctor is really optimistic about our chances for IVF success. I am young and there isn't any known reason to believe an embryo will have a hard time implanting. I think I am handing stress well now, but we will see when the transfer gets closer. I am really hoping for success and for a 2011 baby!!

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