Sunday, December 5, 2010

IVF Teaching

So we went on Friday morning to our appointment. It meant changing my schedule around and making for a longer work day, but we got to do step 1 for IVF. We went for our "IVF teaching" which was pretty overwhelming.

The nurse talked to us about a typical cycle. I guess we will be starting some time in January. She told me I am supposed to call on day #1 of my next period (that should be in about 2 weeks from now). At that time we will start Lupron injections. I have to say most of the injections seemed pretty straightforward and I wasn't too concerned. Most of the needles looked really small and my husband is confident with medical-type stuff like that. The nurse said most husbands like to give the injections because they feel like they are contributing and playing a role.

The great news is I was approved by the Compassionate Care program with Fertility Lifelines and they will pay for most of my medications. The nurse said she probably had some extras of the other drugs I may need like the Lupron and some other one. It was hard to keep all the drugs straight, but I'm sure when I am actually taking them it will be different. My husband was there taking notes, always the student.

The clinic I picked seems very different. The nurse said she would not charge for the extra medicine, but that other clients donate leftovers to help others. If I have any left over at the end, I will most definitely donate them. She also said procedures like freezing leftover embryos (for up to 5 years!!), assisted hatching, and ISCI aren't an additional cost. The additional costs I will have to face are the anesthesia for the procedure (egg retrieval). I can't remember whether you need anesthesia during the transfer, but if you do that we will have to pay for as well. This is probably going to be pretty expensive. The reason it is separate is because it is done in a different place, not right in the office.

Things got kinda complicated when the nurse asked us what we would want to do if we had eggs leftover and we died. Would we want to donate them to another couple or donate them for research? They said I would be able to use the eggs even if my husband were to die, even if I remarried, pretty crazy!! It was like thinking about a will, but I guess it is important to decide what to do if something happens.

So the next step is calling when I get my period. At that time we will start the Lupron. I guess between the start of my period and the day I would ovulate, they will do the additional testing (the trial transfer and saline test). I am hoping everything goes well. I am nervous about starting, but am really excited. It was nice to go to the office and have a really positive visit. I am kind of nervous about the ultrasound tech since she did all of the ultrasounds for the cyst. She tended to seem annoyed by me, but when she saw me in the office she smiled. I think I asked far too many questions and she didn't feel comfortable answering them. 

In addition, we decorated the new house the Christmas lights. It's so exciting to decorate and to be able to show it off. The place we lived before was way back in the woods and there was never a reason to decorate since no one would ever see it. We put lights all around the posts on our front porch and up the small staircase leading to the porch. We got some to put on our garage as well, but haven't started that project yet. It has been snowing like crazy and we now have about 3-4'' outside. The are calling for another 3-6'' today and another 3-6'' tonight. December really came in with a bang!! The dogs are loving the fresh snow and a fenced-in full acre of land to explore. I have to say, life is pretty good!

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