Friday, October 22, 2010

When it all started

When I would think about getting pregnant, I though it would be easy. I thought we would be one of those lucky couples who would get pregnant the first month they tried. In all fairness, we've only tried one month so far, but have been on a roller coaster ride that started in June.

My husband and I got married on October of 2009. We knew we wanted children and disagreed some on when we should start trying. He was still finishing his education and didn't want the added stress of trying to start a family at the same time as finishing graduate school. 

Finally in June (after being married 8 months) I broke him down and he said we could start preparing to get pregnant (cutting down of coffee, exercising more, eating healthier, getting a pre-conception check-up, etc.)

I had actually ditched my birth control pill about a year prior  in hopes I would drop a few pounds before our wedding. I had been on the pill for the past 7 years consistently. During the year I was off the pill and we weren't trying, we used condoms and the occasional "pull-out" method. There were a few months where I started to get nervous after no period for 34-35 days. I had one cycle where I didn't get my period for 38 (it might have even been 40) days. But each month I got my period, although sometimes just a little late. During the year I was off the pill, I got my period each month (albeit a long month.)

When we talked about getting pregnant I started to research good books that I could read. I found "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and started reading. This is where I read it is a good idea to get a pre-conception check-up with your gynecologist. I booked an appointment, excited we could start taking steps towards getting pregnant. In this book I read that sometimes a woman may have longer cycles due to a hormone imbalance. I decided to ask about this at my appointment. The nurse practitioner decided to draw some blood and check my hormone levels. I left the office hopeful that I could convince my hubby to start trying in July. 

Less than a week later I got a call about my blood work. I was not able to take the call at the time and the NP left a message on a Friday afternoon. By the time I got it, it was too late to call the office back since they were closed. She said she would be back in her office on Tuesday. On the message she said that things were "just a little bit off" with my testosterone levels. She said to call her back and we could talk about it. I'm pretty sure I still have this message saved on my voicemail of my cell phone.

I spent all weekend worrying and looking up high testosterone in women on Google. The most common search result: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Reading about it I didn't think I really matched most of the criteria. Although I had always been a little hairier than other friends and I had difficulty losing weight around my mid-section, I was by no means obese, growing a beard, diabetic, etc.

When I finally talked with my doctor on Tuesday she explained the numbers and said that PCOS was a definite possibility. My testosterone was off, as well as my DHEAS. She wanted to refer me to a endocrinologist. 

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