Thursday, October 28, 2010

laparoscopic surgery

I had surgery a week ago yesterday to remove the cyst.

We got to the hospital early and these people all came in at the same time. I had someone taking my vitals, someone taking my history, and a two-person IV team all there. The nurse taking my history was prepping me for the surgery. She told me what to expect (about 4-5 incision points on lower abdomen) and she said she wanted to keep my pain below a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I saw in my hospital gown and slipper sock things and waited for them to come get me to go to the OR. I was scared about anesthesia and how it would affect me. The nurse said they would be waiting for me outside my room at 10 AM to take me to the OR. The hospital was too prompt, and they showed up at exactly 10.

I rode down to the OR in the elevator with my husband and another guy going into surgery. His family was really upset and his daughter was crying. I'm not sure what he was going to surgery for, but he tried to crack a smile for his family.

They prepped me in a room before the OR. I spoke with my doctor, the anesthesiologist, a student who asked to observe the surgery, and a resident surgeon. The resident surgeon was trying to make me feel better, but its hard to be comforted by a complete stranger with bad cologne. The last thing I remember is them moving me from one bed to another and putting the mask on my face and telling me to relax and picture some place tropical.

I woke up and immediately felt nauseous. The nurse was there before I realized it with a pan for me to throw up into. I joked later than she wiped my face more quickly than I do myself when I am sick. It was pretty good service, I have to say. The doctor came to my bedside and gave me a quick rundown of the surgery. It was hard to remember exactly what he said and he then said he would come to my room in a little bit to talk to me again. My husband wasn't allowed in the recovery room and before I knew it I was back in my room I started the day in. My husband was MIA and the nurse was unable to find him.

About 45 minutes later my husband and his mother walked into the room. I asked him where he had been and he said talking with the doctor. I'm not going to lie, this guy really talks. He gives very thorough information and makes sure his audience understands. He doesn't end conversations well and whenever we go see him, it's always hours out of our day. To be honest though, I went for a physical for work yesterday with my general practitioner. He only gave me about 7 minutes of his time. It made me really appreciate the time the RE gives us each time he talks with us. He may be repetitive and talk forever, but I'll take that any day over waiting in the room for 45 minutes to see a doctor for 5.

The nurses said I would be able to go home after I had peed, eaten, drank, and walked around some. I was able to pee right when I got back to the room, so one down, three to go. I went for a walk after a few hours hoping this would encourage them to discharge me. The nurses were concerned about my nausea and wanted me to eat and drink some more. My stomach was telling me to be more cautious.

The doctor came up at about 2 PM. He gave us the results: the cyst was simple and fluid filled and they were able to drain it easily. They did not remove the cyst tissue. The cyst was located on my fallopian tubes though, not my ovary. This came as a shock to the doctor and he said he only could tell once the cyst fluid was removed. He then ran the HSG test to run dye through my tubes to see how they are functioning. Here's the bad news: they were blocked proximally in both tubes. The doctor didn't know why. He said he saw a VERY SMALL amount of endometriosis in my uterus and was able to get rid of it. He said it was possible my tubes were filled with endometriosis, but I find that hard to believe. I've never had painful periods or any symptoms of endo. He then said that he was going to try Lupron injections for 3 months to see if we could clear up the tubes. If the Lupron didn't work, IVF would be our next best bet. He said that although my ovaries appear polycystic in appearance, getting me to produce eggs should not be a problem. He also said my uterus looked fine and that there were no abnormalities. He seemed to think we would be great candidates for IVF, but just the mention of it made me nervous. The money and the thought that we may not be successful was scary.

I took Wed-Mon off from work and returned this week on Tuesday. The time off was really hard because I couldn't stop thinking about my tubes. I was prepared to lose an ovary, but not prepared to hear my tubes were blocked. I really thought we would be able to remove the cyst and start trying, but with blocked tubes there doesn't appear to be much point. We got back to see the doctor tomorrow and I am wondering if he will start the Lupron of wait another month. We will see....

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