Friday, November 11, 2016

The Other Night I Saw a Medium

Last week a group of my friends all got together and had a medium come do a reading. This group of friends was actually my fertility buddies and we found out we all had this similar interest a few months prior when we saw the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. We had fun at this show, but none of us actually got a reading done. It was a huge theater and she came close to us but didn't really seem to connect anything. Regardless, we all had a great time.

When we talked about that showed after we all said it would be fun to do a smaller reading. One of my friends started doing research and we all decided on a date. I didn't think about it much going into it or really have any expectations. My grandmother passed away a few summers ago but she was 94 and I was able to say good-bye. The best thing to say was I wasn't exactly expecting to connect with anyone.

The reading was so fun and interesting. There were 9 of us there plus the medium. She was actually quite a bit younger than I expected, although I'm not really sure why. I'm not going to go into specific details about what she told other people because I can't really remember those details well enough to reproduce them. She did however come to me at some point as I connected to a date she stated. Without getting too specific, she kept mentioning butterflies and I couldn't really connect much to that. She was talking about my twins and butterflies and someone who wanted to say hi first to my sister and then me (my sister wasn't there). This person was also concerned about my sister financially. At the time I couldn't make any real connection to the butterflies or anything too specific. When I told my sister about it the next day she was also confused at first. Then she mentioned my mom's close friend Susie. Susie was our neighbor growing up and was present at my birth. My sister was in her wedding and then later rented her house. Susie pasted away two years ago from ovarian cancer. She was one is the nicest people I ever met. Just so incredibly kind. She was also super crafty. When my sister mentioned Susie, for some reason my mind immediately went to my baby shower and the card she made me. In that moment I knew I had to find that card. I went up to Lucy and Clara's room and quickly found the stack of cards in their dresser. I flipped through them and was amazed to find the card Susie made me. On the front were two butterflies and the word "Twins". 

The medium gave everyone she did a reading with a piece of paper with notes she took on it. She wrote the word butterflies twice on my paper, both on the front and back. She also drew a picture and next to it wrote, "gift that is given" and "art piece with the twins". 

When I messaged her daughter (who is a few years younger than me) she said her mom always loved butterflies and that she has butterflies all over her house to remember her. She said she still feels her mom's presence and often dreams about her. My sister had a very vivid dream about her a few months ago and said she woke up crying. In it Susie was sitting in her old house in a chair and had all of her hair (she lost it with chemo treatments) and was just beaming with a huge smile. She gave my sister a huge hug and that's when she woke up crying. My sister also moved out of her house without paying all of her rent. She's always struggling financially. 

I'm not trying to convince any one of anything, but what I can say is it was a really amazing experience. I also realized after while she was talking to me she said the name Robert about 3 times. I didn't make any connection at the time and someone said it was their cousin's middle name, but that wasn't the connection either. When I thought about it the next day I remembered my step-father's dad was Bob, or Robert. I didn't think about him because we always just called him Bob. I wonder now if maybe that was him. 

I just wanted to share this awesome experience and document it so I can look back on it someday. If anyone was ever considering seeing a medium, I can say from my two experiences that they definitely reported things that a stranger couldn't possibly know. They made some amazing connections and I truly enjoyed it. 

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