Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Clara at Three Years Old


You really have the biggest heart. You're so thoughtful and always asking about others. You try to cheer Stella up when she's crying, "It's okay baby." You are also incredibly sensitive. I think since you love so big you hurt big too. You're really my sensitive little girl. You get upset easily and have a hard time calming down right away. Just recently we went to a Halloween party and you got scared by a boy dressed up. You were so upset and it really took a while for you to calm down. You're not loving this transition to colder weather and having to wear more clothes. You insist on taking of your jacket or sweatshirt in the car, even when it's really cold. I feel the same way about changing seasons and clothing so understand, I just wish I could reason with you a little more or help you understand it's just a part of life. You still love monkeys and reading books. I'm pretty sure you own at least 20 different stuffed monkeys by now. You'll sit for just about any story. When your grandma Becky came home with a chapter book from the library you were so excited. I'm pretty sure you would have sat through the whole thing if we were willing to read it to you. You've recently decided you like watching the movie Frozen although you went through a period where you really liked Paw Patrol. You even got a Paw Patrol Build a Bear when we went. I think being able to hear better increased your interest in the tv. Prior, you had very little interest. You are such a smart girl, and even if you sister does most of the talking for both of you I know you have all of those words and phrases too. Lucy probably talks 85% of the time when you're together. I know you're happy to let her do it so that's just your dynamic that works for you two. This fall you got tubes in your ears. Your daddy and I were so amazed by the results. Almost immediately your speech cleared up and you started talking in much longer phrases. You're so laid back most of the time and let Lucy boss you around. Occasionally you stand up to her and then she better look out! You go with her ideas most of the time but then have moments where you push back, and hard. Getting tubes definitely brought out a more feisty side of you I didn't even know existed. You got newfound confidence on the playground and with your speech. It's so fun to see you come out of your shell a little. You and Lucy have such a close friendship. You love doing laps around the house, pushing your doll strollers together, playing pretend, and fighting over things. You are the best of friends and worst of enemies sometimes. You and Lucy often spend a half hour or more talking before bed at night. I love eavesdropping on your little conversations. They often make me laugh and smile. You are such a Daddy's girl and have really got him wrapped around your little finger. You aren't always the best behaved for him, but I think that's because you know you get away with more around him. You love coloring, drawing, painting and play doh. Anything creative has your name all over it. You drew your first portrait of Daddy (of course) recently. I still consider you pretty emotionally unstable at times. You just get so upset so easily. I'm not sure if it's frustration, sensory stuff, or that you're just so emotional. Most times I can explain things to you. Addressing your feelings really does make a difference (I hear you that you're sad you didn't get a turn, etc) but there are times we aren't able to do that and you really fall apart. I always feel terrible when you get that upset, but sometimes nothing can calm you down. You just need a little time and space in order to calm down. You're not super picky about what you wear and are so nice to go along with what Lucy wants most days. You rarely put up a fight about what you are wearing. You've recently decided you love the color lime green along with purple. You got lime green moccs for your birthday and were so excited. You also love your lime green dress. Keeping it stain free is seriously a labor of love. You hair is so dark and curly. You really look so much like your daddy did at this age. When I see you two together you look like his little clone. You're not great about letting me do your hair and won't leave anything in it. I finally got you to let me use curl cream so at least it's not a crazy mess all the time. Crazy hair don't care is a phrase we say to you often. You have this one curl that grows right in the middle of your forehead. Your grandparents call it your "loose screw" and say this is what turns you into a wackadoo. You are taller and weigh more than Lucy by about an inch and 2 pounds. You're still a pretty picky eater than loves her carbs. You are getting better about trying things and decided over the summer you loved chicken. Eating meat was a big deal for you. I'm proud of you for trying more and being willing to try a "no thank you bite" most times. You love preschool and going. You are always in such a great mood when I pick you up and tell me what you did that day. You are such a great helper and really think keeping things picked up is important. You don't like messes unless they're on you while eating and then you don't seem to notice. I'm so proud of the little girl you're becoming.

What's your name? Clara
How old are you? Free (three)
When is your birthday? September fird (third)
How old is Mama? Six Mama
What's your favorite color? Lime green and purple mommy
What's your favorite food? ummm chicken mama
Who is your best friend? Lucy and Stella
What's your favorite song? Sunshine
What's your favorite animal? Monkey and owl 
What makes you scared? ...(started crying)
What makes you happy? Games and Stella
Where is your favorite place to go? School
What do you want to be when you grow up? Daddy 

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  1. She looked to me like W from the very beginning.
    She is gorgeous and you must be proud of your girls.

    My son is also a picky eater. Would you mind writing a post how yoy addressed this issue. Any advice on this matter?