Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lucy at Three Years Old


If I could count the number of words you said each day I'm sure we'd all be amazed. You have so much to say and talk so much. There are days or afternoons when you wake up and just talk, talk talk. Your love for your baby sister Stella amazes me every day. You're so good at getting on her level and playing with her and you teach her so much. You are rarely jealous of her and are such a great big sister. You have so much energy and love doing things that are active. Swinging, laps around the house, sliding, running, hiking, and jumping are all your favorite things. One of your absolute favorite is "naked laps" where you run the circle of our house naked. Stella has started to join you for laps and your giggles are the greatest. When we go for hikes you want to walk the whole time or at least most of it. There was one hike where you literally jogged ahead of us. The other people on the trail were pretty impressed by you. You also love your sister Clara so much and are such good friends with her. You're always checking in with her, asking for her input on things or just asking her questions in general. You're concerned about her when you're not with her and will often ask where she is. You have a tendency to boss her around and tell her what to do, but luckily for you she usually goes along with it. You do about 85% of the talking between the two of you. You two are best buddies so I guess whatever dynamic you have is working out well for both of you. You're still a mama's girl and have times where you just want to snuggle and get my undivided attention. You're so sweet and loving and are such a great snuggler. You love playing with your baby dolls, doing art projects, painting, reading books, and playing "really fun games". You still complain in the car that your car seat is "too tight" from time to time and it drives me crazy! I wish you understood that it needs to be tight to keep you safe. Otherwise, I haven't seen a ton of three year old attitude from you yet. You'll get pouty when you don't get your way, but it rarely lasts too long. You're still a pro at sticking out that bottom lip. Your hair is finally getting longer and you have gorgeous curls at the ends. It's so long in the back and when it gets wet it goes pretty far down your back. Your hair is quite blonde and I'll be curious to see if it stays that way. You're still so tiny and only weight about 23 pounds. You love wearing dresses and will pout if you have to wear pants instead. It's pretty ridiculous! You've always loved the color pink but recently decided you also love teal. I think it started with the Little Mermaid, but Elsa from Frozen also loves Teal so you're sold. You love all things Princess and are such a girly girl. You love to get your hair done, dress up, get your nails painted, etc. You're a great dancer and love to twirl and spin. You've had such a great transition to preschool and hardly look back at me when I drop you off. You love to tell me about your day and always say dancing was your favorite part. You are so smart and I'm amazed at what you remember. Recently you've been asking a lot about whether we are going to go on vacation again. I guess you remember that vacation is pretty great. I don't blame you! I'm amazed at the little person you have become in the past year. You're so responsible and mature. You listen so well and behave most of the time. You love the movie Frozen and ask to watch it every day. We recently started a good job jar and you love contributing and helping pick up at night before we go upstairs in order to earn your "jewel". There have even been times when you just picked up the living room all on your own. You love singing and will sing along to familiar songs. You can sing "You are My Sunshine" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" all by yourself and it's the sweetest thing ever. We laugh that you are a rule follower. You are quick to tattle on your sister or grandparents for not doing things the way we normally do. We joke we don't have to worry about you getting away with too much while with grandparents because you always report back to us. I can't believe how fast you're growing up and changing every day. Please stay little forever!

What's your name? Lucy Rose
How old are you? Free (three)
When is your birthday? September fird (third)
How old is mommy? ummm...four
What's your favorite color? Pink and teal
What's your favorite thing to eat? umm, sandwiches 
Who is your best friend? Mama and Daddy and Stella and Clara
What's your favorite song? Itsy Bitsy Spider
What's your favorite animal? Owl and monkeys
What's are you afraid of? Uh, monster at a party
What's your favorite thing to do? Games
Where is your favorite place to go? Playground
What do you want to be when you grow up? Ariel

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