Friday, December 2, 2016

Stella 13 Months

I wrote this post a month ago but never published it. She'll be 14 months old tomorrow!

I can't believe another month has passed since your birthday. Time is really passing so fast. You definitely aren't my little baby anymore and you so want to be a big girl like your sisters. You are so good at walking and I'm sure will be running any day now. You're so teeny to be walking and people comment on it all the time. You love doing spins and dancing too. You've also recently started to stomp your little feet and it's so cute. You're still only 15 pounds even though you eat so well. You're such a great eater and really love food. You often eat more than your sisters. I'm starting to see a little more pickiness, but you still eat pretty much anything. You love feeding the dogs and they love camping out below your high chair. You think it's great to have their attention so it's pretty win-win. You're imitating and chatting/jabbering non-stop. You have SO much to say! I don't remember your sisters doing so much jargon, especially at this age. You have such a huge personality and are so outgoing. You often walk up to people and will smile, chat, or stare at them. We've started giving you a sippy cup of milk lately and you love it. You don't have any issues with eating or drinking. You pretty much love it all. If your sisters are having a tea party or having snacks, you're happy to help yourself if they leave things at your level. You also like baby food and I buy a few jars a week. I try to give you at least one a day with dinner and usually lunch too. The GI Dr recommended it as a way to get more calories into you easier. Feeding yourself is hard work and not a lot often gets chewed up/swallowed by the end I'm sure. You chow the baby food right down. You love to beg from me when I'm eating my breakfast. Luckily you're not biting me any more while nursing. You aren't sleeping great and are often up 2-3 times a night. I wish you loved sleep as much as me. I don't even know what 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep would feel like anymore. You're still consistently napping twice a day thank goodness. You listen pretty well, but definitely have a mind of your own. You aren't shy about freaking out when we pull you away from something you want or take things away you aren't supposed to have. You also don't stick super close by or want to hold my hand when I let you walk places. Luckily you still like to be in your carrier, both the ring sling and Lillebaby. You even tolerate being on my back so I can carry you and push your sisters in the stroller. I'm so glad you like babywearing because your sisters never did. I can't believe how fast time is going and how fast my sweet baby is growing up.

Her poor fingernail that ended up falling off. 

1 year old checkup

Lead testing and shots stink :(

Family hike 


Halloween story time at the library. Stella was so excited to be at the big table with her sisters. 


  1. I love reading your monthly updates and seeing all the pictures (except her poor fingernail!!!). Stella is such a beautiful little girl and she seems to have quite the personality!

  2. Oh my goodness that picture of Stella for Halloween with her orange butt is HILARIOUS! She is too cute!

    I'm sorry that she isn't sleeping through the night though- that is tough! Have you thought about doing some sort of sleep training?