Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Yesterday morning my "little sister" Andrea had her twins. She was back in the hospital last Friday after her blood pressure was high at her OB appointment. On Saturday morning they sent her home. Sunday she attended her nephew's baptism, and that night she was back in the hospital. At this point, they were having a hard time controlling her blood pressure and they started magnesium sulfate. Monday morning they started an induction with cytotec, a pill that is supposed to help dilate the cervix. All day monday she went from 1-2 cm dilated. I figured it was going to be a long road with a possible c section at the end. 

When I woke up to pee around 3 AM I saw she had texted about an hour earlier saying they had broken her water and started Pitcoin. Up again around 6:30 AM I saw a text saying she was fully dilated and they were taking her to the OR to push. At 7:11 and 7:31 Abigail and Caleb were born weighing 4.8 and 4.15. I guess she was able to hold both of them briefly before they were taken to the NICU. 

I went to visit Andrea last night a little after W got home. She seemed to be doing okay, but was still on Magnesium so was not able to see or visit the babies. I asked the nurse for a pump and kit for her and got her started pumping. The nurse was so clueless, yet felt the need to "teach" her how to use the pump. It's hard to hear advice like, just pump 10-15 minutes every 4 hours or so. What?! She also didn't know how to operate the pump. I'm not an expert with the hospital pump since I only used it a few weeks, but I tried to stand back and bite my tongue while the nurse was there. Once she left I felt more comfortable giving her advice. Her first pumping session she got a bit of colustrum. It took me quite a while before I got that much so I was glad I was helping her get started so soon (I ended up waiting at least 24 hours before I started pumping). I'm sure having a vaginal birth will help her milk to come in more quickly too. 

I had stopped at Target on the way for a few nursing tank tops and also found two super cute preemie outfits. I know she didn't have much small stuff (newborn) so I figured she could use a few preemie things. I know they won't fit into them long, but preemie clothes are teeny tiny and adorable! I had a lot of fun buying them. 

She was able to see the babies this morning and hold the baby girl. They started the boy on antibiotics and had to put him on a ventilator this afternoon. She's doing well considering, but I know the scary feelings of having babies in the NICU. Please keep Andrea and her babies in your thoughts! 


  1. I hope your friend and your twins do well. I also delivered early due to preeclampsia, and that (among other things) caused me to be unable to breastfeed my twins. I'm glad you were able to help her get started with pumping; that could make all the difference in whether or not she is successful.

    What a good friend! :-)

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  3. Friend in need is a friend indeed.happy everything went well. I'm sure the kids will be home soon.

  4. Congrats to her! Hope the babies get better every day!